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Homes in Hoylake: analysis

Homes in Hoylake: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • Many people felt that there was no need for more retirement flats, affordable homes, multi-occupation large buildings, and residential/elderly/vulnerable housing projects.
  • Some people felt that increasing the population of Hoylake is not the answer to solving problems.
  • Many people felt that more needs to be done to attract young people and young families, particularly through affordable housing.
  • There was a common view that vacant land should be developed for other uses than residential.
  • Some people felt that shops on the periphery of the high street and at upper floors should be converted into residential.
  • There was a general view that older, larger buildings should not be demolished for new, higher density development.
  • There was concern that Hoylake does not have the infrastructure to support more houses, eg schools, play areas, parking and facilities for young people.

This section touches on a number of other related issues.  Again, many people felt that there needed to be more provision for young people and families, which comes out in a number of other sections.  There is also a concern that Hoylake could become too crammed with residential accommodation, when one of the main attractions of the area is space.  Planning policies need to be examined to see whether sufficient controls are in place to manage future residential development.



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