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Additional comments

Additional comments
December 1, 2012 admin
  • I think that Hoylake is largely unappreciated on Wirral and completely unknown to the rest of the country.  To ensure a positive, successful future for Hoylake we must find imaginative ways to promote its charm and bring people in to enjoy it
  • There is a strong community spirit which only emerges occasionally eg Egg Run, HSC Bonfire Night, Street Parties. Community cinema is a great innovation as was Festival of Firsts.  We need more such.
  • Reduce congestion at roundabout. Toilets on the Promenade. Improve the aesthetics & facilities of the Prom.
  • Hoylake is a very nice place to live, the promenade is important, and should be kept up to a good standard. Maybe we could have areas  that the bird twitchers could use. It would be sad to see the police station close. It’s good the Hoylake Village is doing so much to promote Hoylake.  Thank you
  • there needs to be more for people to do on the prom, toilets, cafe etc. there is a huge problem with people failig to clean up after their dogs on the beach and on most of hylakes streets including the high street.
  • Hoylake suffers from the fact that it essentially lies along a 1.5 mile main road. This means it is hard for it to gave a community feel. If the shops were less widespread I think it would feel kore of a village. Parking is very difficult at the lower end of Hoylake and I think this is a shame. Very positive that something is being done to change it though!
  • its a fantastic town but developing the waterfront could make the area unbeatable …. decent family oriented dining would surely be popular, perhaps a new community built around the proposed lifeboat musuem ?
  • A new form of community engagement is essential.
    Area Forums do not attract younger people or families, mostly pensioners.  The forum set up is intimidating – too many at the top table present, and too many un-elected.  New faces are needed, with a mandate.  Make engagement more relevant to local people.
  • Love living here
  • More mums and tots groups available for everyone including childminders, also a childminding group for all hoylake childminders.
  • Limit the number of offices, particularly solicitors, on the high street
  • Encouragement to build on the amount of  afforable student residential areas.
  • we should be using the two extremely high profile golf events in 2012/14 to promote hoylake.
    we MUST stop talking hoylake into recession and/or as a place full of vacant shops as this puts companies and individuals off establishing businesses in the village.
    we must stop creating new duplicate interest groups. rather we should in fact take the experiences of those, who have tried in the past to develop interest groups, to help overcome whatever barriers are still present
  • Hoylake has a significant problem in being a curiously linear village. If it were 1/3 as long and 3 times wider it would be a much easier place to manage!
  • Keep the residential areas around Grove park etc.peaceful and quiet at night
  • the school has the potential to be a fantastic asset to hoylake, could improve house prices, local businesses and make the area more desirable if it only took children from the catchment area!
  • Any interventions to attract new business, or bring new people to the area will be positive for Hoylake.  I think all new ideas should be welcomed and discussed for their benefits for the area.
  • I have been to both nights at the hoylake community cinema with my wife and enjoyed them both. THANKYOU
  • Just to say thank you for the opportunity.
  • The most important thing is to have a central public toilet in the shopping area  the only toilets in Hoylake are in the train station or in the bowling greens  on the promenade these are only open on selective days or  key access
    they are in ridiculous places there is no places in the day time for young children to go the toilet as they are not allowed in public houses  which only leaves the spotty blue teapot   which is  again at the far end of Hoylake and not central.
  • Hoylake needs an identity something to stop people just driving through to w kirby…not stopping..
    image improvement and activities
  • Yes get a cinima !!!
  • Residents should always be consulted before things happen not after an idea is planned.
    They have a right to the way their Village develops.
    Most people come here because they like it. Why Change It!!
  • I would love to see more done about the irresponsible dog owners who leave their animals droppings on the streets and parks of Hoylake
  • i really think you should build a skatepark, lots of people would benifit, and it would be a great feature for hoylake to have, along with the new rampworks shop, so to conclude, BUILD A SKATEPARK!!!!!!!
  • Local sports (not just the golf) and local nature should be an asset and with the latter promoted as a year-round  tourist attraction.
    Although Heswall has recently had a festival, Hoylake could maybe become an area for arts with an annual Festival of Firsts.
  • So much opportunity we just need an entrepreneur to take an interest and invest.  A marine lake and complex would be marvelous.
  • Hoylake has relied on it’s historical affluence for too long now. It is in need of new initiatives and a new uniqueness. It’s identity will follow. It’s present attractions, in particular the beach,  need revitalisation and it’s relatively recent growth in restaurants and bars indicate that Hoylake has the potential to be the leisure centre of the Wirral. This needs promoting and new leisure initiatives should be encouraged. We need a cinema / theatre, the tennis area and Queens park need revitalisation to appeal to visitors. An organised band-stand,quality ice cream parlour, seafood cabin, cream teas, even Hoylake rock. a summer season of beach concerts, an outdoor swimming pool perhaps with slide-over cover, Boating, Paragliding, The slipways should be unlocked and made available to public use without the excessive level of red tape currently in force.
  • It would be great if the beach could be raked more often as it doesn’t look great sometimes, when surely the beach is Hoylake’s greatest selling point. Invest on the main street and on the Promenade and everything in between should naturally improve.
  • Hoylake has the perfect space for a skateboard park down by the prom. A truly excellent idea.
  • Hoylake needs a ‘heart’ this is missing from the High Street and undoubtedly has an impact – not sure how or where a ‘heart’ could be located though – at the time of the golf there was a suggestion of a town square outside the station area which I thought was worthy of further investigation
  • I couldnt get all I wanted to say regarding Carr Lane. It need more quality premises and an increase in available units – there is currently a waiting list. However, some of the land could be allocated to housing and viz versa.I think the opportunity of a neighbourhood plan is terrific
  • At the moment Market Street and the promenade are not \joined up\”. If some kind of \”link\” between the two could be found that would  be advantageous to Hoylake”
  • skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park skate park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The promenade is a little neglected and does need urgent attention in places. It is a fantastic space and something should be done.
  • Hoylake is already a wonderful place to live but there is room for improvement and it would be fantastic if we became the #1 choice for families in Wirral.  We have access to great natural assets, good schools and transport facilities that most towns could only dream of.
  • Skate Park YES! Gives a destination point for Hoylake. Look how busy Rampworks has become for the kids of West Wirral.
    More control on conservation NO? that stifles new uses.
    Hoose Court site redevelopment should become a key part of signifying the other end of Market Street. It needs to be more than just a  taller replacement of the block that got demolished. This was afterall council land before it got ‘gifted’ to WPH.
  • Hoylake is a pleasant place to live and part of its charm is its peaceful atmosphere. Improvements can be made for all age groups, hopefully, without compromising this.
  • Keep the library open
  • The punchbowl pub is an eyesore with bird droppings on the pavement and walls. If space permits could they be encouraged to have a smoking area at the back of the pub rather than people drinking and smoking in the doorways and pavement. In fact could the place not just be bulldozed and have a market square instead…just a thought.
  • keep up the good work
  • Please build hoylake a skatepark because it keeps teenagers like me fit and healthy and it also keeps many kids off the streets it will also stop them from getting into other sorts of trouble seeing as they have something to occupy them. As well as this in hoylake there are many things for young children and elderley people but there is nothing to keep teenagers off the street and happy. So im asking if you could please consider building us a skatepark.
  • skatepark,leisure center,use the promenade for this and maybe a pier.
  • as with most other places there can be strident voices and differing opinions in Hoylake… there is usually something to be said by all.
  • There are lots of retired people living in the area so more activites, lunches, clubs, get togethers etc to keep this group fit and supported.  Perhaps underused local churches could offer space and support.   DEFINITELY NO MORE RETIREMENT HOMES AS  THIS IS NOT WHAT THE NEXT GENERATION  (LIKE ME) WANT TO LIVE IN!
  • As an expat resident of Hoylake (I now live in Australia) I have the benefit of seeing it from both a resident and tourist viewpoint. On a recent visit it looked very shabby and disjointed. I think your ideas are very important to showing the town at its best although I think there are serious social factors that need to be addressed and will not be altered through street enhancement. It would be good to see the police in partnership with you and even better, a youth arm of your organisation.
  • SkatePark or Pump track
  • a skate park
  • This is only tinkering at the edges until Hoylake cnd expand and stop its slow decline.
  • I love living in hoylake. Would like more community involvement and build on your work
    Well done
  • Hoylake is a great place to live and with good organisation and proper consultation could be made even better. We need to look forward and consider what could be done for the future making Hoylake an even better place to live. We must stop thinking of only ourselves and consider what is good for the community. Hoylake could become the model for the rest of Wirral to follow. Good affordable housing, shopping and entertainment should be a priority and not giving into greedy developers out for a quick buck.
  • Hoylake’s a wonderful place but it needs to continue its renvention and adapt to the modern era by conserving and enhancing its built and natural heritage assets in an inventive and inspiring way. Medocrity must be resisted and quality persued relentlessly.
  • I bwould like a branch of a bank so I can open an acount for my son
  • promote local musicians.
    I run live music workshops at the hoyle road community centre last saturday of every month.
    mail for more detail.
    this year i hope to make these sessions fortnightly.
  • Encourage the pubs, bars and cafe’s who serve food to buy locally and advertise the fact.
    It was great that Hoylake was on the R4 news last night but shame that a key thing that came across was the division between those who feel they are the ‘real’ residents and the rest of us ‘incomers’.
  • I think what you are trying to do is great – I heard you on radio 4 and thought you are taking Hoylake exactly in the direction it needs to go _ Good Luck you deserve to succeed
  • Would be lovely to have a cafe on the beachfront.
  • Please object to the massive Hoose Court affordable homes development by email to quoting application number APP/11/01513.
  • No not about Hoylake but thanks for asking for our opinions. The HVL billboards were brilliant but I didn’t actually realise you wanted feedback on the website, I thought it was just a general advert. The website is also fab and full of useful info. Well done to everyone working so hard on this community initiative.
  • Put the banners back up
  • Consideration for a residents parking scheme?
  • Shop Keepers to open at hours that suit the general public, not just old people. I would like to support local shops but both my wife and I work full time, to be able to afford to live in Hoylake and so can not toddle up the high street in the afternoobn like days gone by!
  • Modernise
  • Hoylake is a lovely place to live.  I really like the way it was refurbished for the golf and hope that this continues as it is individual and upmarket.  It is difficult to compete with the lake in West Kirby and the fact that there is only really one through road means it feels like there is no substance to it.  There are so many creative people here and it would be wonderful to have links with galleries like the Lady Lever and the Walker and cultural cinemas like the FACT.  I will try and visit the library but that has never appealed to me as there is such a good one in West Kirby.  We can use the leisure facilities there too.  I think the projects that are operating here for planting trees etc are inspiring.
  • The decision by WPH to build affordable homes in Hoylake (and West Kirby) is fantastic news – needs to be encouraged.
  • Keep the library oening hours exactly as they are!
  • Please build a skatepark!!!!!!!!!
    and a indoor skatepark on the industrial estate!!!!!
  • Path from Trinity road to Manor Road station needs improving. Dog fouling of footpaths & pavements has got worse over last couple of years. Some pavements badly damaged by cars, vans & lorries parking on them leaving holes & trip hazards.
  • It would be great to get the shops to work together – we have some excellent shops. Maybe a late opening night now and again? A loyalty scheme for local shoppers? The coffee shops could host a charity coffee morning. It might be impossible – but could some of the local food shops combine their products and provide a \recipe of the week/month\” using local ingredients
  • Planning needs to be realistic. We can’t have everything. Having said that a cafe on the seafront would be great. It doesn’t need to have an alcohol licence !
  • Support development of cafe on beach front
  • More visiable police / CSO’son meols and hoylake prom, especially in the summer months.
  • My 6 years old doughter’s vision of Hoylake is;
    more colorful Hoylake.
    If you wish to attract visitors, there should be at least 1 public toilet in Market Street and at least 1 on Hoylake promenade, not only for visitors but also for local residents and the elderly.This should be a priority and the councillors keep saying they are going to do something about it but have not done so yet!!!
  • This is an excellent website and very good at promoting Hoylake
  • The beach should be cleared of grass by the council unless you want it to become like Parkgate!  A small are could be left for wildlife.
    No commercial premises (such as cafes) should be open on Hoylake promenade.  The old by laws prevented this in order to retain both peace and quiet for the residents and  to allow the quiet and safe pursuit of local child and adult activitied such as cycling, running, walking, roller skating etc.  It is vital this area remains alcohol free and safe.
  • By physically improving the built environment of Hoylake through careful restoration of its historic buildings and harmonising shop frontages, Hoylake could become more of a destination as opposed to somewhere you drive through to get to West Kirby.
  • I would like to see more designated bins for dog waste.  In other parts of the country these are widely available in appropriate areas.  As a responsible dog owner, I always clear up after my dogs, but if there were more prominent bins it might encourage other less responsible owners to clear up which would improve the area considerably.
  • its the best place to live and work we just opened the cupcake cafe and realy pleased withe the suport of the poeple of hoylake do not think we would get this level of help else were
    chris and lisa pearse
  • I believe that \pebbles\”
  • It’s getting better but things need to move faster
  • Hoylake is a great place to live, but there is a need to encourage people to visit which means the supply of more hospitality facilities by which I dont mean licences for alcohol etc.  There is enough of that already.  More tea rooms for the day tripper.
  • The western entrance to Hoylake at The King`s Gap roundabout is disfigured by the ugly \Knott\” monstrosity – trees/rocks woud be much more attractive ( and very much cheaper ) eg with Caldy and Thurstaston roundabouts.
  • There are a lot of artists living in and around Hoylake. It would be nice to capitalise on this fact and provide some more platforms for them and at the same time make Hoylake look more unique and artistic.
  • When I came to Hoylake in the 60s it was a Victorian unspoilt town. Shops thrived – no supermarkets. Changed over years but I’d like to think that the Victorian aspect will be respected always . Feel there are too many unnecessary changes .People don’t need signs everywhere to enjoy a town.
  • I thought Hoylake beach was an SSI? This is not promoted anywhere and the council do a terrible job of keeping the promenade looking nice.  Opening the cafe on Hoylake front would be great too.  Shops open when people are able to visit (Sunday & late night Thursday).  At the moment it says use them or loose them, but most people work! Thanks for all your hard work.
  • As a community Hoylake (including Meols) has a distinctive footprint on the ground, demarcated by the sea to the north, the railway (and Carr Lane) to the south, open farmland to the east and the golf courses (and the ribbon of Meols Drive) to the west. This geographical separateness, its historic legacy (William III & Hoyle Lake, fishing village, lighthouses & lifeboats, early horse racing, pioneer golf, commuter railway, merchants’ mansions) and its near intact Victorian/Edwardian bulit environment provides much to promote and celebrate as a place to visit and enjoy.
  • Improve the image and change the ‘industrial’ emphasis of the Carr Lane estate. Generate retail units to bring more shopping into the area with lower overheads.
  • We need to have the promenade re laid as it is currently in a very poor shape and if we are trying to portray an image then this needs looking at.
    We want to attract more families along there and pushing a buggy along there is not a pleasent experience.
    Bringing the cafe to the front will be a big step forward to relax and meet with people.
  • the improvements are great so far-much appreciated! love the trees.
  • A combination of retail, leisure and residential developments will over time encourage a greater footfall to our town and lead to more people clambering to live here. Hoylake is a gem that is loosing its lustre. New opportunities will bring back our sparkle.
  • The Hoylake promenade could do with some type of cafe viewing facility at the end of Trinity Rd
  • I currently assist in the running of a Youth Club on a Friday evening at St Hildeburgh. The Youth Club is for 10 – 14 year old young people. We have been running since October 2011 and support from the local community has been disappointing despite excellent facilities and an extensive advertising campaign. Can you help?
  • I am Hoylake born and bred!! Are the people who make the decisions about Hoylake the same? It will help.
  • A different range of shops need to be encouraged to come to Hoylake. This relies on the rent being reasonable, and other incentives offered. Landlords should be told \any income is better than no income\” Pub landlords should be given more flexibility in their opening hours.
  • Hoylake is a forgotten town, there is limited facilities and changes should be made to better the village giving wider choice – availability to not only the community but for visitors to the Wirral.
    Changes should be made to bring Hoylake into the current times offering daytime/nightime facilities and activities like surrounding towns can offer.
  • Consider advertising and creating Museum and Arts Centre, perhaps in the Community Centre.
  • Hoylake ia a very safe and pleasant village with a successful private education establishment – Kingsmead School.
    I believe Hoylake could support one (or more) English Language School. The problem is finding a venue. Hoylake is over-churched. But I cannot imagine any two sects getting together and allowing one site to be redeveloped.
  • Make sure that Hoylake Library remains open Create an indoor soft play area for under 10s with a cafe for parents to meet at the weekends and weekdays
  • Plenty – I do hope the toilets on the prom get all the support they need, Good luck, I wanted to do the same some 15 years ago
    Bring Hoylake on a par with W/K & N Brighton for sea side entertainment with deck chairs and wind breaks – kids shows & pony rides WHY NOT give some of the 5th & 6th formers summer jobs.
    Why should the chosen few have King’s Gap & the gardens. Use it or lose it (like the baths)
  • Taking a leaf out of the Hoyle Rd Community Hall and putting Hoylake first, first for its residents. A cinema and swimming pool was a big loss for Hoylake in the past. Lets bring back Hoylake to us all, maximise its strength.
  • Really feel strongly about the beach and the promenade. I would like to take my grandchildren on that beach one day – its a terrible mess. I did help remove the grass one time when help was asked for, but nothing has been done since. I walk my dog along it every day (supplied with plenty of bags by the way) and it really bothers me. It would be brilliant if something was done.
  • A nice cafe along the prom where the toilets are and maybe some new clothes shops along the high street.
  • Hoylake has an over population of bars, careful controls on future applications should be improved. More better quality restaurants should be encouraged. No more charity shops. Hoylake has an opportunity as a world stage (golf open) (people in New York know about Hoylake) the increase in hotel rooms may encourage more foreign visitors. Hoylake needs to SHOUT louder!!
  • Traffic is becoming greater in Hoylake and there are frequent bottle necks, paticularly in school run hours. If infant schools in the area could only accept pupils from their own catchment area this would help tremendously. The school run does not bring trade to the area  – it just means more crossings & wear and tear to the roads.
  • The public transport on the weekend is disgraceful. It would also be good to re-instate the bus which used to run from West Kirby through Hoylake to Wallasey. It is difficult to get to Liscard
  • A reliable bus service 7 days a week. A cross river bus service to L’pool via Wallasey. There is no direct bus from Hoylake to New Brighton& Wallasey & L’pool. There is no bus link whatsoever on Sundays other than to Leasowe Station & Eastham Ferry. The exisiting route 38 West Kirby to New Ferry is the most unreliable service within Merseyside. Most of their buses are cast offs from other authorities.
  • That the beach is kept cleaner. Dog fouling and pavements is controlled, more presence and controlling by dog wardens and offenders prosecuted.
    The grass growing on the beach and formation of stagnant pools/dirty water areas etc.
  • The path beside the railway from Manor Rd Station should be cleared of weeds and well lit. Signs needed and enforcement on the question of dog waste all over Hoylake, but particularly on the above path and on streets leading on to the promenade.
  • I have lived here for 40 years and nothing but bad planning creating a village that was once pleasant into a very unpleasant overcrowded community.It is so depressing.
  • Bring back Hoylake carnival parade
  • More festivals and attractions. Clean the beach of weeds and grass. Redistribute the sandbanks to ensure better sailing facilities. Promote sailing, sand yachting, kite buggying, bird watching
  • As I live on the promenade in Hoylake I am very much aware of its poor condition. Compared to other promenades in the Wirral it looks very run down and neglected. The paving is such a hotch potch of patches and badly thought out repairs. Improvement in this area is essential for the enjoyment of locals and tourists.
  • Relative to other promenades on the Wirral i.e. West Kirby, New Brighton/Seacombe, Hoylake promenade is run down and dowdy. It is not far short of a disgrace. It urgently requires a revamp/refurbishment. It should be something we should be proud of, not sometning to be ashamed of.
  • It’s important to keep the beach as a beach and not let it develop into a mosquito ridden salt marsh as has happended at Parkgate.  Could better scouring be achieved by dredging?
  • Save WK fire station, so Hoylake’s homes & businesses can be saved more quickly.
  • Cherish the Victorian buildings and preserve the beach are my 2 main concerns.
    Also encourage residents not to turn their front gardens into car parks. The little front gardens are part of the charm. Too many driveways are dangerous for pedestrians. Too much tarmac causes run off & flooding.
  • As previously mentioned I think the lack of a decent, centrally located car park is Hoylake’s downfall. It does not seem to be able to attract the more upmarket shops like West Kirby and has the feel of the ‘poor relation’ I also think the promenade could be dramatically improved to make it more attractive to visitors and locals alike.
  • Hoylake is such a beautiful and individual village, it should celebrate its difference ans remain a traditional suburb with a heart of its own
  • There should have been a section asking how old the person filling in sheet was to help see the dempgraphics of survet respondents
  • Hoylake is a great place to live – often held back by older generations opposed to change
  • When the wind of change blows some people build walls…..others build windmills\””
  • Try to keep Hoylake cleaner and stop the youths from intimidating the community/elderly with their aggresive/anti social attitudes.
  • Hoylake is a great town and not a district centre. People of all types and ages find Hoylake has a wide range of facilities to suit their particular tastes. There isn’t much better than strolling along the prm and seeing cyclists, joggers, walkers, model boatmen, bowlers, etc. All rubbing along in harmony. A balance that must be maintained.
  • certain shops could do with smartening up like carphone warehouse which has had letters missing from its name and looks quite scruffy
  • Not enough is made of promenade. It draws visitors and locals but is shabby and unappealing. Uneven damaged concrete all along it. Needs an identifying path such as a ‘yellow brick road’ to link to Wirral coastal walk. This could be a major attraction. Considered closing prom to traffic such as Seacombe?
  • Hoylake is a beautiful place. I only work here, not live here, but I feel that it lacks a community feel. I feel like people come here out of necessity rather than they want to, and that should change.
  • No more bars resturants they attract TRASH WE DO NOT WANT THEM HERE .
    Mr A T Herbert
  • As a resident of Hoylake & meols for some 30 years I have seen the demise of a town. We should have more pride and brightness to our main street, attractice displays, lighting, bunting! This will show we are proud to be be British! How many Union Jacks do you see? Or St George’s cross. Put Hoylake back on the map.
  • Keep Hoylake as a place to be proud to live in.
  • What I have seen so far in the regeneration of Hoylake is very exciting and I am so pleased having been brought up here. The Meols end of Market St is badly in need of some new ideas to fill the vacant shops. I hope the building of the cafe on the promenade goes ahead as it will be a lovely venue. The promenade should have a division marked between cyclists and walkers.
  • I don’t think we need radical change in Hoylake.  It already has a great reputation throughout Wirral, Merseyside and the Northwest as a place to aspire to living and visiting.
    What we do need though is careful management and for HVL to support the views of local people to maintain and gradually improve the offer as a destination for leisure and business.
  • Please allow a branded coffee shop here I travel to heswall week in week out to get my coffee and inevitably shop in their local stores
  • We probably have to be guided by the scientists, but if the beach can be dissuaded from evolving naturally a la Parkate (or, closer to home, the stretch between Red Rocks and Dee Lane) I think that is more desirable.
  • One point I would like to make is the availability of an open market on two days of the week. eg. Wed & Sat. The ideal area for this is the front of the row on Market St.
  • To hold cultural & sporting festivals/events will improve Hoylake as a town where families, younger people & older citizens can live in.
  • Keep up the great work!
  • A well placed supermarket will keep Hoylake people in Hoylake, it needs to be centrally situated, the current Co-op/Row site is ideal, the entrance should be on the front to encourage customers to use the local shops too. This would not only allow local people to shop locally, but would also bring people into the town from other areas. It would also sort out the parking issues. Until this is done locals will continue to shop elsewhere, and the town will continue to decline.
  • On Market St where the council flats were make that area a car park. It would encourage more people to come into Hoylake rather than drive to larger supermarkets with free car parks. Most shops in Hoylake are taken up as offices. If it wasn’t for the charity shops one fish shop. one bakery etc Market St would become a Dead St. Dog fouling is becoming a nuisance again.
  • Promoting Hoylake as a more interesting place than West Kirby, for example the ‘pink pound’ could be worth encouraging
  • I have lived on the Wirral almost all of my life, but have only lived in Hoylake for a year but feel proud to live here as it has a nice friendly atmosphere, which I hope is something that can be built on.
  • Would like the beach to be kept clean and nice for all to enjoy especially in the summer season and encouraging day visitors
  • Youth/drama clubs
    Theatre/singing, opportunities for young bands, recording studios, halls for music
    Its sad to see restaurants doing so badly.
  • The whole point of visitors coming to Hoylake for leisure is to visit the promenade to look at the beautiful view. However the surface of the prom is in a poor state of repair. We should be aiming for a ‘Reveria’ type development.
    The library plays an important part in all our lives and we shouls ensure we keep this vital service.
  • More cycle paths and do something with Queens park – its a mess! The playground has had things removed rather than replaced.
  • I think Hoylake needs something big that draws families from West Kirby regularly. Eg. I use the Concourse & Morrisons regularly & will pop to other shops whilst there. Some outdoor/indoor leisure facilities – skateboard park or family facility would draw from outside Hoylake. Parking needs to be easier on the Main Rd & the car park signage clearer. The film nights & art exhibitions are great but the shops need people who come regularly from Hoylake and the locality.
  • A major priority is for the beach to be kept pristine! No litter! No grass!
    Encourage work days for community to help itself.
    Improve lighting in Queen’s Park.
    Improve Hoylake Community Centre further.
  • What a shame that Meols Station flower beds are so overgrown and neglected these days.
  • I think Hoylake has improved greatly over the last few years – I used to find myself being attracted to West Kirby but can see Hoylake giving it a run for its money if ideas and changes are improved. I know theres a lot of elderly people in the community and its important to keep them happy but its the next generations that are going to keep it going so the younger should be thought about too. There seems to be a lot of stigma btw us and alcohol but more activities would be happily welcomed as an alternative. The art community is going really well – needs to be advertised more to get a variety of artists from elsewhere.
  • As a Meols resident, it is important to me that Hoylake remains a viable village and can serve its community.  It has a well known name in the golf world and this should be included in future development plans.
  • Introduction of 20mph speed limits in the road off Market street to the promenade – Kings Gap, Alderly Road, Hoyle Road, Trinity.
    Introduction of speed humps on main roads off Market Street including promenade.
    More focus on dog littering and combating dog dirt on the streets.
    Maintaining to high standard our parks and beaches
  • Its great to see fewer shops empty and new businesses opening up. We certainly try to spend our money at local businesses!
  • Dog fouling continues to be a problem, much more so in Wirral than in Liverpool or Manchester.
  • There is a lack of discipline re: dog mess on certain pavements.
  • We have just moved into the area from elsewhere in Wirral and while we love Hoylake, the biggest shock to us is the amount of dog muck. It is dreadful on the streets, the prom and by the railway line. We have been surprised that this is such an issue in a community which obviously takes pride in its surroundings. My vision for Hoylake is clean streets for everyone.
  • I think many people would like from the promenade from Hoylake to Meols flagged with good quality paving. Also seating and attractive planting.
    An expensive expenditure, but it would enhance the whole area which is already set in an outstanding area of natural beauty. It would do much for tourism and the local community.
    More discreet lighting would be more appreciated also.
  • I would like to see facilities for recycling tetra paks, aluminium, foil and other materials which currently cannot be recycled using the grey bin.
    I would like to see cycling promoted for all ages and abilities – perhaps even a safe cycle route
  • Every town needs a bank.
    I support the development of the proposed cafe on the  promenade at the junction with Trinity Rd
    Recycling facilitiesfor aluminium foil/take away dishes
  • Create some public lavatories in village.
  • A uniformed old style appearance would be very fitting for what could be a lovely and inviting sea side town. Also needs more options for bars/cafe/restaurants on the prom front. There are stunning views (world class) on the prom and not one single place to go and enjoy them.
  • Accept that Hoylake is at the far end of the pennisula, and so cannot have some links available to most other communities. But this can be a positive – celebrate ‘being on the edge’!
    More allotments; support incredible edible hoylake.
    Community gardening, able bodied share gardens at those less able to use them.
  • Its a great shame that whn you arrive at Hoylake Station it is very untidy as a result of some industrial units not having enough thought or attention regarding the storage or rubbish etc next to platform. Perhaps this mess could be removed or better still erect fence so you cannot see the mess.
  • To continue the road from Carr Lane through to China Farm Lane or thereabouts, so as to encourage heavy goods vehicles to use it to access the industrial estate and free up Market St from such vehicles – especially as the Hoylake Station crossing gates are closed almost as long as they are open, causing chaos at rush hours. Bring back the signal man in his box – someone who is on the spot & can use a bit of common sense, like they used to.
  • What happened to the plans of cafe/bar along Hoylake prom?
    More events held at HCC and advertise it.
  • After the 2006 re vamp people were supportive of the up-grade of the village but in the following years the place is looking sad again. Go to W Kirby on a Sat and the place is ‘buzzing’, travel back to Hoylake and on some Saturdays it is like ghost town Why? Certain people are very dedicated to making sure Hoylake lives on as a vibrant village and the work they do should be supported.
  • Improve the night time security of the High Street to remove rowdiness and thuggish behaviour. Same goes for the areas round the side street pubs
    Better lighting & security at night in parks CCTV,
    Motion sensitive lights and cameras.
  • I’ve always thought a band stand would be a good addition for Hoylake. This would be a good focus for activity (not just brass bands!) and a unique centrepiece for the town.
    A good quality food/ farmers market would be great and be a sure fire hit to bring people into the town. We already have a ‘Market Street’ Unfortunately there are archaic and discriminating laws preventing this.
    The street cleaners do a great and unenviable job (particularly after the night time debris and vomit) but I would like to see the side roads cleaned too. It’s here that the fast food litter and cans get dumped before people drive off to go home at the end of the night.
    I’m always quite amazed at how many of the local shops don’t engage with the thousands of people living in the vicinity. Simple house to house leafleting would be great to help get the punters in – offers, discounts or just for awareness.
    Mary Portas did a great makeover job on the fruit and veg shop. I thought the idea would cat
  • How about creating some parking spaces by knocking down one or two of the many underused and ugly churches
  • Good to see so much recent interest and pilot ideas going on.
    Parking for Hoylake shops seems problem, much easier to drive on, park in Concourse car park and use shops which form nuclear focus.
    Area suffers from not being nuclear village so effort should go to creating central focus points, eg. opp old PO.
  • Resurface continuation of Charles Rd into Melrose Ave to improve access to Coop car park
    Make Alderley Rd and Cable Rd one way to relieve congestion.
    Alderley one way towards Market St
    Cable one way towards Marine Rd
    Enforce no parking within 15 metres of cross roads to improve visibility & traffic safety.
  • The Hoylake cinema is a very good way of getting people together.
    Events which encourage people to get to know each other will promote sense of community.
  • Hoylakes greatest assett is the beach and an indepth plan for its use, development and future has to be addressed
  • This was a wish list and in reality in a time when money is short we don’t need hoylake spruced up for a load of golfers. There will be enough disruption with road works everywhere we have to live here take your show town somewhere else
  • The questionnaire does not collect any information about the person completing it e.g. age, sex, number in household, commuter or not.  How will the results of the exercised be normalised to ensure the feedback received is representative of the population as a whole?
    How does the Neighbourhood Plan fit with the development of a sustainable economic strategy for Hoylake?
    There has been some unhelpful letters in the local media concerning the role of Hoylake Village Life.  Many people are unfamiliar with the Community Interest Company structure when compared to, say, a conventional charity run by a board of trustees.  More transparency would help alleviate concerns e.g. disclosure of the constitutional documents of the company, clarity of whether or not it is a for profit organisation, the policy on remuneration for directors and others, the process for election of directors and the policy for dealing with conflicts of interest.
    There are now many bodies involved in the improv
  • Roadworks by public utilities once upon a time were done in conjunction with each other, now appears to be no liaison. Sections of roads/pavements are constantly uprooted causing inconvenience to all.
    Encouragement of the return of more functional shops and to shop in Hoylake, also possibility of cinema.
    Presently with the flower beds of daffodils & the blossom coming out is an attractive sight towards Kings Gap
  • Returning to Merseyside 18 years ago I felt that Hoylake was a pleasant place to live.In the intervening time the quality of life has deteriorated to the extent that if I could afford it I would leave Hoylake. Anti social behavior has escalated with the increase of the number of bars. Urination & defecation is on the increase and mess left by dogs is on the up.
    Market St from a traffic point of view has become like a race track of an evening and in the morning with motorists completely ignoring the 30mph limit. Riding on the pavements seems to go unchecked
    Hoylake is no longer a pleasant place to live.
  • Expand the food fair / market outside as it is so successful (at the Sanderling Unit)
    Hoylake prom needs paving as West Kirby has been done.
    Demolish Pebbles / toilet block as this is a disgraceful eyesore.
    Create / build a cafe at the old Lifeboat Station
  • I have said a fair few times to various folks that we have a 2Tone village. West Kirby end is fine – all the lovely trees and daffodils – but nothing ever done for the lower end. Trees I am sure could have been planted on the wider pavements.
    A local Triathlon – Swim West Kirby lake, Cycle ride and then run – ending up in Hoylake / Meols far end of promenade.
    Games day on the beach – Tug of War, goal shoot and volley ball, 5-a-side football, rounders.
    I commend the work that is done to all the planters – they are a treat to look at.
    Getting shops that look so tatty to become presentable eg Englands upholstery, Veal Jewellery. These two shop fronts are a disgrace.
  • If cycling is to be permitted on the promenade, then I would suggest a cycle lane is marked.  Some cyclists travel quite quickly and do not ring their bell to warn of their approach from behind.  children running about can change direction without warning.  I run along the prom and often have to veer to avoid something (usually dog poo).  I have had a few near misses with cyclists who not only go too quickly but also travel two or three abreast.  Too many of them ride on pavements all over the town – which is just dangerous.
    Horse owners should be obliged to clear up after their horses just as dog owners are – the mess they leave on the prom is horrible.
    We are very fortunate to live in Hoylake – we have a lovely beach and promenade, the convenience of two train stations, we can walk to the shops, have good pubs and bars and a pretty (in general) high street.  We need to look after it.
  • I have provided objective thoughts about Hoylake and my reason. It is my intention to move to the town, if I remain in the West Wirral area. I add, I have been out of the area for ten years and, in the three years, since my return, I have noticed a significant deterioration in many Wirral areas, caused  by local / regional integration – Hoylake remains, along with Heswall, as one of the few shimmering lights, in the borough and I hope some positivity can be created, through this Neighbourhood Plan, so that ‘quality of life’  and the areas substantially can be maintained and improved. As for staying on the Wirral, I think it is unlikely given  the deterioration in respect to the attitude shown borough wide – having been educated at Hoylake Parade in 1969 – 1974, this saddens me, given, we were brought up on respect, assist and contribute to the community for the benefit of all – that is sadly lacking today – (not enough space to finish) see survey 219
  • Why don’t shopkeepers clean the area in front of ‘their’ shop for the common good?
    We readily support the initiatives to brighten up the High Street with flowers etc (we make a contribution).
  • A market would be a good idea.
    We moved to the area (Hoylake) 18 months ago and love it. There is a good community feel about the place and most people take a pride in where they live.
    The car park at Carr Lane should be signposted from the entrances to Hoylake, to show people where there is parking
  • I love Hoylake & where I live. We need the same level of attention that is lavished on West Kirby
    I suspect a good part of this survey is aimed at the next visit of the Pro Golfers
  • Improve prom area on front – very poor. Improve vacant swimming baths area – not a green – just another dog toilet in Hoylake. Develop Hotels on front for events eg parakarting shops,cafes – day trippers will spend money – Life Boat Museum needs help.
  • Please employ dog wardens to prevent dog fouling.
    I work at Arrowe Park Hospital, it is impossible to get there in the evenings/weekends by public transport.
  • Hoylake is a small place, as said above over populating it will only overcrowd the school and put a strain on the ‘local’ feeling and community here already.
  • Please, please, please can we do something about the Grove Road playground field?! At the moment it is used as a dogs’ toilet. Dog owners should be banned from the whole Grove Road park area (playground and field) -they can walk an extra 2-5 mins max and take their dogs to the beach to poo. I live on Groveland ave and I have a 4 yr old son – I should be able to walk 2 mins to the Grove rd field to play football with him – but, because I see on a daily basis that it is a dogs’ toilet, we have to drive to Ashton park instead.
  • We need a decent largish supermarket with good parking & then we wouldn’t go to Morrisons in West Kirby & use their other shops at the same time. The row of shops next to the co-op should be knocked down to facilitate this with parking at the front not the back. That and a cinema are the only way to get people to spend & support businesses.
  • Both new hotels are a great addition to Hoylake and add us to the map.
    We love living here!
  • Better and more frequent cleansing of roads & pavements particularly station access roads – Albert Rd & Manor Road
    Reducing emergency vehicle sirens that give the village a negative reputation i.e. a high crime area and destroy the quality of life in the village.
    Some dog free areas, so people can relax in areas free of dog mess.
  • Unfortunately it seems that in Hoylake, together with many other areas in the Wirral, attempts to improve infrastructure and promote tourism will be met with objection from a not insignificant number of small minded residents. Identification of a need for particular development projects is a good idea, although it seems likely that many will never come to fruition as a result of the aforementioned situation.
  • I miss Hoylake Baths. I used to live in Moreton as a child & we always came to Hoylake baths. The youth of Hoylake need entertaining & jobs, maybe the shops can help with the jobs & they need somewhere to meet & chat, without being moved on.
  • The questionaire  is weighted towards the business community
    It does not provide a box for residents to register objections, particularly to late night licenses or too many bars being allowed
  • Street sign for Harrington Ave Hoylake
    Public toilets back in Melrose Ave
  • Financial support for the volunteers who plant and maintain the flower displays in the town.
  • your suggestion about cinema, it would have to be a multi purpose venue for meetings & events other than films.
  • Hoylake should be promoted as the fishing village it was. The old buildings should be kept as they are. No more land taken as building sites
    Needs more activities for teenagers and children to keep teenagers from drinking
  • preserving the past, embracing the future
    I suppose a bye-pass is out of the question?
  • We do not need change for changes sake. Hoylake is a lovely place and we should all strive to keep it that way.
    The volunteer agencies that have helped to make such a difference should be congratulated
  • Some sectors of the people of Hoylake seem to be against any alternative use of premises and I think that some people would let the place rot rather than see any change
    It is the mentality of people in this area that needs to change to allow for change in the area.
  • Let the public see full time police officers up and down side streets – back alleys – entries
    It does not have to be every day, do staggered days – staggered hours if possible on mountain bikes
    2 officers 3/4 days per week, 2/3/hours a day= deterrent at only 12/16 hours per week.
  • Please make Hoylake the town centre it used to be. Lots of things for teenagers to be involved with eg cinema, skate parks swimming baths were all available when I was younger. My children wish there was a fraction of the activity I enjoyed.
  • Prevent over development thus spoiling the unique & peaceful character of Hoylake
  • The flowers provided by Hoylake and Meols in Bloom have made a big difference
  • Residents of Harrington Ave should have access to our homes via Proctor Rd. Railtrack is willing to share cost of developing a proper road if the council then maintains it. Railtrack want to decrease use of crossing. The council seems reluctant to co-operate in this matter.
    If access to Manor Rd is improved to Hoylake Bowls & the football ground  will become easier & safer. The council has been bequeathed this land & currently it is a tip & it is infested with Japanese knotwood
  • Dog poo
    Residential Parking (for just one small car)
    Keep our library
  • The only trouble with the alarm in the toilets idea is the police station is only open during 9 – 5. Damage, I should imagine is, or was implemented after 9 – 5. With modern technology this shouldn’t be a problem
  • What about a large good quality super market with parking? Other smaller shops would be able to attract the shoppers to the local shops (eg shoe, shoe repairs, clock quiet cafes, book shop, Arts& Crafts Vegan, hardware)
    What about a major Car Boot sale run regularly & promoted as an event
    PS Hoylake is a great place to live in , I enjoy life here.
  • There is an excellent map of Hoylake at Manor Rd Station, why not a list of local shop and restaurants beside it and a similar list(S) in a prominent position or positions in the main street
  • Keep parks & beach clean
    More parking facilities on main rd
    No more signs too many already


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