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Improving the High Street

Improving the High Street
November 4, 2012 admin

In section one: Improving the High Street, we asked what you thought of the following:

1a Higher standards of shopfront design
1b More traditional shopfront signage
1c Traditional awnings and canopies on shopfronts
1d No more solid roller shutters on shops
1e Better pavement lighting
1f Continuing the pavement improvements along the rest of the high street and outside Hoylake Station
1g More street furniture, eg. seating or cycle racks
1h Encouraging retail/leisure businesses at street level with other uses (eg offices or flats) at upper floors
1i Do you have any other suggestions or comments about the high street


This is what you thought:

There was no consensus on items 1d, 1e and 1g. These areas were therefore explored further.


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