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Wirral Council agreed to designate the Hoylake Community Planning Forum on 30 April 2013.

The community planning forum will have a life of five years.

Further information can be obtained from the Wirral Council website.

  1. Original Neighbourhood Plan Boundary submitted to DCLG 14.02.11
  2. Original Neighbourhood Planning Vanguard proposal from Wirral Council submitted to DCLG 14.02.11
  3. Original Neighbourhood Planning Vanguard application submitted to DCLG on 14.02.11
  4. New Plans for Wirral neighbourhoods: Wirral Council announcement of Neighbourhood Planning Frontrunners 02.12
  5. Letter to four Wirral Neighbourhood Plan Frontrunners from Wirral Council detailing DCLG requirement to resubmit applications 27.04.12
  6. Hoylake Community Planning Forum Designation: Leaders decision on application for designation
  7. Hoylake Community Planning Forum Constitution 21.07.12
  8. New application for Designation and boundary clarification 28.08.12
  9. Hoylake Community Planning Forum: Designation of Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Forum Area 19.10.12
  10. Forum Membership Form
  11. Planning Aid Hoylake Case Study
  12. RE: TOWN, DISTRICT & LOCAL CENTRE ACTION PLANS: WMBC Announcement and initial meeting
  13. Hoylake Neighbourhood Development Plan pre-submission consultation draft 17.01.15
  14. Plan submission acknowledgement letter from WMBC 22.09.15
  15. Basic Conditions Statement as submitted to WMBC 18.09.15
  16. Consultation Statement as submitted to WMBC 18.09.15
  17. Neighbourhood Development Plan as submitted to WMBC 18.09.15
  18. Report of the examiner April 2016
  19. REVISED NDP August 2016
  20. Result of referendum 01.12.16
  21. Revised DRAFT Constitution for HV September 2017
  22. Hoylake Vision Revised Constitution February 2018