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People have had many ‘big ideas’ for Hoylake in the past, perhaps most ambitiously presented in 2004 with the BDP ‘Hoylake and West Kirby Masterplan’. Some ideas have been realised, others not.

Here we present a collection of pieces of research, ideas and reference for you to consider; these have been produced by paid consultants, university students, local groups and developers.

There are also sections at the end of this list which records the origins and ongoing development of the Forum; minutes of meetings and links to current major planning applications (Wirral Council website).

NOTE: Presentation of these documents does not imply endorsement by Hoylake Vision, they are simply offered in the interests of assisting informed conversation.

Whole Hoylake

  1. Condensed “What’s Your Vision” survey results
  2. Economic Regeneration and Community Planning Select Committee Meeting 18.11. 02 Hoylake & West Kirby: current opportunity and future strategy
  3. Review of Liverpool City Region Tourism, Locum Consulting
  4. BDP Masterplan 2004, BDP Associates. A report commissioned by Wirral Council
  5. ‘Hoylake A’ 2012 report produced by Liverpool University Civic Design Department
  6. ‘Hoylake B’ 2012 report produced by Liverpool University Civic Design Department
  7. Roger Tym Main Report from 2009 informing Core Strategy Local Plan and recommending Hoylake Downgrade ‘reclassification’
  8. WMBC Core Strategy Preferred Options report based on Roger Tym Research 2010
  9. Hoylake Village Life response to WMBC commissioned Core Strategy Report by Roger Tym & Partners
  10. HVL 2011 Census data analysis
  11. WMBC Draft Settlement Area Policy – Settlement Area 6 – Hoylake and West Kirby
  12. IPSOS MORI Wirral visitor research 2012
  13. A New Vision for North West Coastal resorts, including Hoylake, NWDA, 2003
  14. Historic Towns Forum website
  15. Placecheck website (Neighbourhood Plan Walks)
  16. Hoylake Junction news website
  17. Hoylake Village town portal website
  18. Hoylake Community Cinema website
  19. Hoylake Conservation Area website
  20. Hoylake HELP shop website
  21. Locality: Roadmap Guide to Neighbourhood Planning
  22. Locality: Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Planning
  23. Locality: Identifying Assets of Community Value
  24. Locality: Nominating Assets of Community Value
  25. NLP Wirral Retail and Leisure Study 2016
  26. Hoylake Beacon scheme introductory flyer
  27. PLACED survey and consultation analysis 2021

Beach area


  1. Presentation to Hoylake Vision Forum on 21.02.13 by Stewart Lowther C.Env MIEEM
  2. Presentation to Hoylake Vision Forum on 21.02.13 by Alan Jemmett, Ph.D, MBA
  3. Summary of presentation to Hoylake Vision Forum on 21.02.13 by Dr Hilary Ash