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Improving Hoylake’s open spaces

Improving Hoylake’s open spaces
November 7, 2012 admin

In section two: Improving Hoylake’s open spaces, we asked what you thought of the following:

2a Creating an area along the promenade for outdoor sports/activities for the young and not so young
2b Supporting a properly constructed skateboard park somewhere in Hoylake
2c Creating better quality play areas and more activities for all age groups
2d Allowing the beach to evolve naturally and encouraging more wildlife


This is what you thought:

There was no consensus on item 2d. This area was therefore explored further. First, we offered the following supporting reference:

  1. 2002 WMBC Report “The beaches at West Kirby and Hoylake’, Jemmett et al
  2. 2007 DEFRA sand dune processes and management (overview)
  3. 2007 Concept sketches for Parade Gardens regeneration, produced by Peter Buglass/Custard Pie architects
  4. 2010 Beach Management agreement, WMBC
  5. 2010 North West Coastline Shoreline Management Plan
  6. 2010 North West Coastline Shoreline Management Plan: options for North Wirral Coast
  7. 2011 outline plan for Parade Gardens scheme by Peter Buglass/Custard Pie Architects
  8. 2012 Coastal Strategy; emphasis on coastal flood defences in response to rising sea levels
  9. 2012 ‘A Sustainable beach for Hoylake’ conversation starter by Hoylake Village Life
  10. Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management English Nature Research Reports
  11. Regional Representatives for the Irish Sea Conservation Zone Stakeholder Group
  12. Joint Defra/EA Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management part 3: Management of coastal dunes
  13. Friends of the Earth guide to Windpower (pro commercial windfarms with caveats)
  14. Greenpeace perspective on windpower (website))
  15. Country Guardian website (campaign against commercial windfarms)



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