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Technical issues

Technical issues
December 1, 2012 admin

Inevitably from time to time some users will experience technical problems with this website.

Here we will list any problems reported with information about the steps taken to resolve them. If you have any technical issues, please refer to this page before contacting us. If your issue is not listed here please contact us.

Registration link not received

  1. Please check your spam folder for activation links after registering.
  2. Please ensure you registered the correct email address or spelt it correctly
  3. Use the ‘Lost your password‘ link to retrieve or recreate a password

Topic text includes erroneous text (Internet Explorer/Windows)

  1. If a user pastes text in to a forum topic from MS Word, it may retain formatting and code that is invisible in Word, but displays in IE on a Windows PC. We will monitor this and try to correct any instances as quickly as possible by removing the superfluous code.
  2. If posting on the forum, please do not copy and past text from MSWord, but from a Plain text editor, or type directly into the website.

Website not displaying properly in IE8 or earlier on some machines

  1. Some older versions of IE8 and earlier browsers may not display this website correctly. For website browsing generally, you should upgrade to a more recent version, to ensure best levels of security and compatibility:


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