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Industry around Carr Lane: analysis

Industry around Carr Lane: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • Some people felt that the industrial estate is vital to the local economy, wanting to encourage creative manufacturing and ensure that Hoylake maintains a strong economic base for the future of employment in the area.
  • Following on from this, people felt that the industrial estate should be promoted much more, e.g. through clearer signage, a map of businesses and a promotional guide to promote businesses.
  • A major issue raised was the need to improve access across the railway line or through an alternative route.
  • Some felt that greater connections need to be made to attract people from Hoylake to the industrial estate.
  • Alternative uses were suggested, such as wholesale retail, vintage fairs, markets, skatepark, soft play centre, swimming pool, gym.
  • Many people felt that the estate requires a major upgrade to improve physical quality of public realm and the business areas. Focus in part at least on developing a Hoylake Business Park for white collar jobs as well as the present and valuable small service businesses and starter units.
  • The residential environment also needs to be improved.

The views in this section showed several key considerations which need to be explored.  Firstly, whether the manufacturing base of the industrial estate is sustainable and should be encouraged to develop further, or whether alternative uses should be considered.  Secondly how the estate can be promoted and used more, and its environment improved. Thirdly, how access can be improved. Fourthly, how the needs of local residents in that area can be met.  Solutions to these issues can only be found through conversations with businesses, property owners and residents.


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