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Special buildings and places: analysis

Special buildings and places: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • Walking tours are very popular, promoting the places of interest, with maps and information points.
  • Views on lighting are divided.  Many people wanted creative lighting, but others were concerned about light pollution, and the impact on the environment.
  • Many comments were supporting greater protection and enhancement of older buildings, and against demolition of any more landmark features (eg Horn Arcade, cinemas, public baths etc).
  • There were several comments about finding new uses for empty/underused buildings, such as the Quadrant, the toilet block on the prom, the old lifeboat station.
  • Several people felt that Hoylake should be promoting its special features and successes more.

This section links well with other themes, such as promoting Hoylake.  A clear identity is needed which will guide many of the ideas.  There is an emphasis on conservation, and current controls to protect built heritage needed to be examined to see how robust current policy is.  Lighting solutions need to be considered carefully, to avoid obtrusive light pollution and protect the environment.  Further work is also needed to explore the potential of development opportunities, where existing buildings are underused or vacant.


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