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Celebrating and promoting Hoylake: analysis

Celebrating and promoting Hoylake: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • There was a common view that Hoylake needs a clearly defined identity, promoting the special features of the area and the ‘village’.
  • Special elements of that identity could include arts, music, traditional seaside foods (ice cream, fish and chips, seafood) and dining out, outdoor sports, birdwatching, James Bond Festival, golf events, boating lake, Lifeboat Museum, Parade School, Viking Heritage.
  • Several people suggested that Hoylake needs to be promoted more in the media, eg magazines, brochures, film-making.
  • Many people want to see more festivals and events, particularly arts, music, food.
  • More facilities are needed to attract visitors such as an arts centre, markets, and more cinema nights.
  • More needs to be made of the promenade as an attraction, with environmental improvements and more facilities.

This section brought out a desire to attract more visitors to Hoylake.  Throughout the responses, there are those people that do not want to see more people attracted to Hoylake, but these appear to be in the minority.  Most responses suggest that the community want to attract more people to Hoylake, thereby boosting the local economy.  There is an understanding that Hoylake needs to be better promoted.


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