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Hoylake at night: analysis

Hoylake at night: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • Opinion about the Night Time Economy is very divided, and the issues provoke strong views.
  • Many people felt that the bars and restaurants should be supported as they attract more people to Hoylake, fill shop units and boost the local economy.
  • Many people felt that later licenses should not be allowed as the increased noise would disturb residents’ peace.  Many people felt that there were already too many bars in Hoylake.  However, some people feel that later licenses should be allowed in specific locations to compete with other towns.
  • Many people felt that the Night Time Economy should be better managed, with bar owners and authorities working more closely together, with more neighbourly management encouraged.
  • Many people suggested alternative uses.  The most popular uses by far include a new cinema (or expansion of the Community Cinema), facilities for young people, an arts venue, and later cafes, shops and services.
  • The need for later public transport and taxis was consistently raised.  This would allow people to leave Hoylake more quickly at night, and not hang around to disturb residents.
  • Some people felt that better quality bars are needed.

Like the revival of the high street, the issues surrounding the Night Time Economy are complex and interrelated. A successful night time economy can be a huge asset for a town, but the impact on local residents must also be considered.  Solutions are required which allow businesses to flourish, whilst ensuring that residents have a peaceful nights sleep.  Such solutions require collaboration, compromise and understanding between all parties.  This can only be achieved through constructive conversation.


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