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Management Group Meeting minutes 14.09.22

Management Group Meeting minutes 14.09.22
October 11, 2022 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at Monte Carlo Restaurant on 14.09.22.


Attendees: Nigel Blacow (NB), Mark Howard (MHo), Alex Woods (AW), Maureen Hanson (MHa), Tom Hutchinson (TH), Jon Morgan (JM)

Members not in attendance

Jade Wright (JW), Bryony Parsons (BP), Jon Caswell (Jon C)

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the July meeting were approved.

Management Group Meeting Reports

  • Welcome
    Unfortunately Jess Trigg was unable to attend as a guest but it is hoped she can attend a future meeting. In the absence of Jon Caswell it was decided to postpone the conversation about young people’s engagement until all can be present. Action: MHa to follow up
  • Ideas for Open Day 29 October (MHo)
    A productive conversation was had about how to approach the next Open Day / workshops on 29 October at St Lukes. MHo was keen that a focus on myth busting is key; what we are (facilitating community input to current and future local development ideas through formal recorded engagement) and what we are not (eg issues based lobby group, pseudo council). TH was keen to convey the creative aspects (the ‘Vision’) of what the forum can do; i.e. realistic propositions for attracting inward investment rather than merely commenting on small planning applications. Examplpes of other fora around the UK achieveing similar goals would be researched. Action: All
  • Update on WMBC Local Plan (TH)
    TH had submitted a comprehensive response to the Local Plan on behalf of Hoylake Vision. We are hopeful that the points will be noted and taken into account by the LA and the Local Plan examiner, especially in regards to density issues and future development of the Carr Lane area which the Local Plan does not take on board the NDP or emerging Masterplan policies and does not sufficiently protect the area from inappropriate future development. Action: none; await update from WMBC
  • Update on CA Appraisal funding (TH)
    Unfortunately English Heritage would not fund the Conservation Area Appriasal proposed by Hoylake Vision and the Conservation Areas Association, citing demographics not matching funding criteria. This is disappointing although WMBC had offered to match fund the project at the amount of £10,000. TH would speak to the council to see if there may be other funding options to pursue. MHo suggested that Conservation Areas Wirral (CAW) might be able to help. Action: TH to follow up
  • Locality Funding Update
    JM, MHo and NB reported that the Locality funding (£4,400) for the next stages of consultation and engagement had not been received from WMBC, MHo would pursue with fund adminstrators Groundworks UK. Action: MHo to contact Groundworks and JM and NB to contact John Entwhistle (WMBC)
  • Ideas for management group additions
    The flurry of interest earlier in the year from individuals interested in joining the management group had lost momentum. AW and MHo had not been in contact but would try to rekindle the conversation. Action: AW and MHo
  • AOB

Date of next meeting Weds 12 October 2022