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Record of Open Days and AGM 2022

Record of Open Days and AGM 2022
May 28, 2022 admin

Report of Annual General Meeting

Following two successful Open Days which were attended by well over 200 people, the Forum held its AGM. The meeting was attended by approximately 35 people.

The Chair opened with a reflection on “why I do it”. A transcript can be found here.

Management group member Alex Woods then spoke about her own personal reasons for being involved. In her professional capacity as a lecturer in public policy and social response she feels strongly the need for community engagement, involvement and capacity building.

The Chair then gave a brief financial report for the year summarised as follows:

Balance 01.05.21 £567.32 (Co-op bank)
Balance 01.05.22 £567.32 (moved to Metro)
Income from Locality (Wirral Council act as Accountable Body):
Dec-19 5,500 3,118.75 2,381.25
May-20 8,460 7,698.04 761.96
Jan-22 2,760 2,214.28 545.72
16,720 13,031.07 3,688.93
AECOM fees: Unknown (government funded directly)

The Chair thanked Chris Moore who had held the reins for the last few years, and thanked Jon Morgan who has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer moving forwards.

The Chair reported on achievements of the last year including:

    • Worked with AECOM to produce Masterplan
    • Worked with AECOM to produce Design Guide
    • Re-opened online consultation portal (2 months)
    • Published two member newsletters
    • Published four press releases (Wirral Globe, West Kirby Today, Liverpool Echo and others)
    • Put in objection to Ellerman Lines development (61 assisted living apartments and 30 care bungalows)
    • Distributed surveys by hand to Carr Lane residents
    • Organised Open Days and published associated display materials

Plans for the next year include:

    • Hold a Workshop day with PLACED
    • Hold more public meetings on the Key Issues
    • Draft outline NDP
    • Produce Basic Conditions Statement
    • Produce Consultation Statement
    • Undergo independent examination and make changes
    • Arrange referendum
    • Organise and fundraise for referendum campaign
    • Hold referendum

Nigel Blacow, Membership Secretary, gave an update on membership, which now stands at 202, with 15 more joining during the Open Days. A refresher on the NDP boundary was given, making clear that all those who. Live or work within the boundary may join the forum. A reminder of the key focus areas identified so far was given and people were encouraged to join and to take part in the creation of the next NDP.

The floor was then opened for questions. These are summarised as follows:

“What has the forum achieved”
Notwithstanding the points above, the Chair pointed out that the forum is not a lobby or campaign group, nor a delivery group with ‘traditional’ tangible outputs like other community groups; rather our role is to be a facilitator for consultation and to monitor the application of the NDP by the Local Authority. This can be a difficult concept to grasp but we feel that getting 200 people to meet with forum members and to get a better understanding of the plan making process and feedback their thoughts on the results of previous consultation over the last two days is a good example of what we can do well.

“Could the NDP boundary extend to Meols, as many people who live there use the facilities in Hoylake”
It was clarified that the NDP boundary was originally agreed with council officers and broadly reflects the 1974 township boundary with a few minor changes. While the forum had some input into that original decision the council generally assign NDP boundaries based on town or district centre catchments. It might be possible to redesignate the forum boundary however it would be more feasible for the people of Meols to form their own forum and adopt an NDP. Adding Meols to the Hoylake NDP would also involve a significant level of additional work that the forum management group do not have capacity to do at this stage in the Hoylake NDP making process.

“Could the NDP include a Conservation Area Management Plan?”
Philip Barton confirmed that this might be possible. It would not be a Management Plan in the traditional sense, as the LA are responsible for producing and monitoring these, but it could have the same effect. The Chair would speak to the Secretary of the CAs, who had already been instrumental in the production of the Design Guide and Codes, about taking this idea further. It would need to be evidence based so members of the CA are encouraged to engage with the consultation process to this end.

“What has the forum done about accessibility provision”
The current NDP makes almost no reference to disability and accessibility. Through consultation taken since 2016, this has been identified this as a key priority and will need to be embedded in the objectives, priorities and policies in the emerging NDP. Suggestions are invited for how we can ensure that proposals for new development in the NDP area take disability and accessibility into account and demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

“What about the beach, and what about the Beacon?”
The Chair repeated again that neither are within the gift of Hoylake Vision to influence in any way. He re-iterated his long held personal view that beach management should set out to be based on a plan that meets the needs and aspirations of the whole community and the oft-competing interests, but this has nothing to do with the NDP making process. The management group have a range of views on various matters, including beach management, but this is irrelevant; only consultation responses will carry weight in formulating objectives, priorities and policies for the NDP; the examiner will reject anything that is not evidenced in this way.

As for the Beacon, the Chair knows nothing more than the wider public, that being we have been assured that the project will be delivered but it is not known when; the forum cannot influence this nor are we responsible in any way for delivery of or updates on the project.

The meeting was called to a close and the Chair thanked all in attendance.

Re-election of the management group
Subsequent to the AGM, electronic and paper votes were counted an all eight members of the management group were duly re-elected on a simple majority vote as follows:



Mark Howard (Chair) 37 ELECTED
Jon Morgan (Treasurer) 33 ELECTED
Jon Caswell 32 ELECTED
Bryony Parsons 34 ELECTED
Jade Wright 34 ELECTED
Alex Woods 32 ELECTED
Maureen Hanson 32 ELECTED
Nigel Blacow (Membership Secretary) 37 ELECTED