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Management Group Meeting minutes 28.07.20

Management Group Meeting minutes 28.07.20
July 31, 2020 admin

Call to order

In the light of the emerging COVD-19 pandemic the meeting was held via Zoom.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MHo); Nigel Blacow (NB); Jon Morgan (JM); Maureen Hanson (MHa)

Members not in attendance

Julian Priest (JP); Vicky Ponsonby (VP); Alex Woods (AW); Andrew Lawton (AL)

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were approved

Management Group Meeting Reports

  • Proposed new team member Maureen Hanson (MHa) was welcomed onto the management group. This welcome would be repeated at the next meeting due to low turnout.
  • Consultation progress and promotion MHo gave an update on consultation progress. Approximately 100 surveys completed and a fair number of comments on the ideas wall and map. In the circumstances it was agreed to extend the deadline for submissions, maybe by two months. MHo was working on a printed version of the survey.
  • AGM It was agreed that an AGM would be very difficult. MHa suggested we send a newsletter out explaining that in the circumstances we should cancel the AGM this year, but send out a newsletter inviting comment.
  • Newsletter/ beach/ drains NB reported no further news on drains but that WMBCs recent email had been positive. The call in on the decision of the Cabinet Member for Environment had need scheduled for late August and it is hoped the drains issue will be highlighted then.
  • AOBs No AOBs were raised.



Date of next meeting October (due to Summer break)