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Management Group Meeting minutes 10.01.24

Management Group Meeting minutes 10.01.24
February 3, 2024 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at Arthur’s Restaurant on 10.01.24.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MHo), Tom Hutchinson (TH), Jon Caswell (JC), Jon Morgan (JM), Alex Woods (AW), Nigel Blacow (NB), Dan Levers (DL)

Members not in attendance

Jade Wright (JW), Maureen Hanson (MHa), Andrew Snell (AS)

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the December meeting were approved.

Management Group Meeting Reports

  • Introduction to Kate Hughes (KH) re Sports Village
    AS and KH had been unable to attend. It was agreed to postpone this item until the February meeting.
  • Forum re-designation consultation
    The Council’s statutory consultation on Forum redesignation had commenced in December. NB had responded to the council’s queries about the membership database. MH would send out an e-newsletter inviting members to comment and would publish a news item on the website. It is the council’s responsibility to conduct this consultation, deadline for responses is 9 February.
  • Conservation Area Appraisals update
    TH reported that the first the Draft appraisal had been completed and he was very pleased with it, especially the high quality of the historic research and the information included, as well as the strong emphasis on quality architecture. Among the proposals for emerging “character areas” is a “Hoylake Gateway”, which could include proposals for extension of the very popular 2006 public realm improvements to Hoylake Station.
  • PR plan update
    JC was planning to meet again with JW to “flesh out” the PR strategy, which will work in tandem with PR. Whilst it is frustrating that we cannot yet start in any meaningful way on this, mainly as a consequence of the delay in Wirral publishing their Local Plan, it is helpful that we have this time to plan ahead. JC reported that costs can be kept to a minimum.
  • AOB
    • DL would research options for using online consultation portals in the next year. MH had understood these to be very expensive, so we had used PLACED who “sublet” space on thier account for a limited period, but DL would research this to see if cheaper options might be available that might give us more flexibility since we have a very limited budget.
    • MH reported that he understood the detailed Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA) Census data had now been published by the ONS. It would be helpful to analyse the Hoylake data to make a comparison with both the 2001 and 2011 census data, which had been undertaken around 2012. DL and AW agreed to work on this.

Provisional date of next meeting Weds 7 February 2024