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March 10, 2018 at 6:04 am #3879

I think we should gather information as to what the current situation is. Perhaps I have a better relationship with Gerry particularly because of his ineffective involvement over the Presbyterian church saga. There is still potential mileage in that one and perhaps bringing back the analysis of the Planning Committee report to him could unlock further dialogue and information regarding the Coop site. I’d be prepared to meet him as a member of the Neighbourhood Forum Management group’ it will need to be relatively informal I will probably get sketchy detail but it may be something to work on. As far as his lack of engagement with us on the issue to date I could raise that as a potential lever to being kept in the loop in the future. As usual only with the evidence of what has been discussed so far, and by whom, will we be able to catch up and work out any strategy/ approach towards the Town square goal.
btw I meant 28th Jan 2018 when planning permission was granted in my previous post.