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More questions answered

More questions answered
November 22, 2016 admin

Q1. What is the Hoylake plan all about?
The Hoylake Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) sets out additional planning policies created by and in consultation with local people to shape developments within the plan area rather than leaving this solely to the Council and national policies. It favours positive, sustainable development, delivered within a framework designed by the community. The plan is renewed every five years so new ideas can come forwards; new policies can be created and existing policies can be amended as required.

Q2. What are the main ideas?
Most people think that Hoylake is a great place to live in, to work, and to visit. But most people also think some things could be better. So whilst the plan aims to preserve the best of what we already have, it also aims for an improved local economy, based on a more vibrant town centre with good quality retail, food and drink outlets. It supports and encourages more local employment in both the town centre and the Carr Lane Industrial Estate.

Q3. What area does the plan cover?
A map of the area is in the plan but largely reflects the Hoylake town boundary from Barn Hey on Meols Drive, The Kings Gap, Stanley Road, the Promenade as far as Hoylake Parade Gardens, then south either side of Deneshey Road to the Carr Lane Industrial Estate and some of the green belt land of the Municipal Golf Course.

Q4. What about West Kirby, Meols and other nearby places?
The plan does not include West Kirby and Meols but policies aim for Hoylake to be a good neighbour by regularly reviewing policies which may affect nearby places. There is nothing to stop other towns and villages making their own plan.

Q5. How have the policies in the plan been derived?
The plan has been shaped from extensive consultation including workshops, a survey sent to all Hoylake homes, a billboard campaign, 19 public meetings (at the time of writing), 31 management group meetings, social media, the Hoylake Vision website and numerous newsletters.
Majority views from these consultations and survey results were incorporated using the services of an independent planning consultant.

Q6. What does the plan say about the environment and the Green Belt?
Policy NC1 protects designated Natura 2000 sites through European regulations. The plan area includes green belt land, some of which is already designated as being ‘in need of landscape renewal’.  The NDP cannot alter the green belt boundary but it does support its improvement. As such existing and future policies in the plan could offer additional protection to Greenbelt land.

Q7. What does the plan say about the proposed Golf Resort?
The NDP neither supports nor opposes the idea of a new golf resort since plans at this stage are not sufficiently developed to be measured against the NDP. However any forthcoming development application would need to comply with a range of NDP policies in addition to existing local, national and greenbelt policies.

Q8. What does the plan say about housing?
The plan supports the provision of additional housing however the plan states that proposals should address the housing needs of the wider community, by providing a mix of housing types, tenures and sizes, including affordable and specialist housing, based upon an up-to-date assessment of housing need.

Q9. What does the plan say about the town centre?
There is a clear community consensus to strengthen the town centre for shopping, services and community facilities by increasing footfall to support existing and new businesses and growing the number of local jobs. By way of example, the plan supports the idea of a comprehensive redevelopment scheme at The Row as an identifiable town square development.

The plan also supports the extension of public realm improvements to the easterly end of Market Street/Birkenhead Road, improving maintenance and design quality, preserving Hoylake’s distinctive character and reducing the future use of unattractive security shutters.

There is strong support for the provision of good quality food, drink, leisure and entertainment outlets, cultural attractions and evening opening that does not adversely impact on residential peace.

Q10. What does the plan say about the Promenade?
Consultation showed strong public support for better facilities and more activity on the promenade, so the plan seeks to more fully realise its potential as an accessible destination with appropriately scaled and located facilities for both residents and visitors.

However the plan also recognises the peaceful, natural attractions of the beach and the relaxed nature of the promenade as unique assets, and so seeks to preserve that.

Q11. What does the plan say about open spaces?
The plan recognises the importance of open spaces and supports the protection and improvement of existing greenspace as part of a range of good quality and socially inclusive public open spaces and outdoor leisure opportunities.

Q12. What does the plan say about Carr Lane Industrial Estate?
The plan seeks to enhance the physical environment of the area whilst ensuring that the Industrial Estate remains an attractive place for small and medium sized enterprises that provide local jobs.

Q13. What does the plan say about the town’s existing buildings?
The plan seeks to conserve and enhance the distinctive Victorian and Edwardian character of the town and its maritime and sporting heritage which make Hoylake such a special place. Policies in the plan focus on ensuring that there is no significant adverse impact on the local area.

Q14. What does the plan say about transport and traffic?
It promotes better management of traffic speeds, well designed on-street parking, safe and attractive pedestrian and cycling routes as well as supporting public transport and traffic management initiatives.

It also aims to engage with Network Rail, Merseytravel and Merseyrail and their partners to improve crossing the railway line and improve public transport generally

Q15.  What happens after the referendum?
If the plan succeeds at referendum on December 1st, then it becomes a statutory planning tool in addition to the Council’s local planning policies and national planning policies until 2020.

ALL WHO LIVE OR WORK IN HOYLAKE are invited to join the forum as we review the Neighbourhood Development Plan, carry out further consultations, explore new ideas, gather evidence and issue a new, updated plan that will be effective from 2020-2025.

If the plan fails to pass at the referendum, it will no longer be able to influence future developments or planning decisions. Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum will no longer exist and the opportunity for the local community to influence how Hoylake develops will have been lost.

This is a tool for the present and a gift for future generations. Let’s take this opportunity.

Vision Statement
“To maintain Hoylake as an environmentally attractive seaside town and socially inclusive place to live, work in and to visit. To be a healthier, well-housed community with a thriving economy which values creativity and entrepreneurialism. To support a vibrant town centre, which meets the day-to-day needs of local people and provides high quality food, drink and entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors. To support the town centre and the Carr Lane Industrial Estate as the foci for a wide range of easily accessible jobs.”

To join the forum, email