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Management Group Meeting Minutes 11.04.17

Management Group Meeting Minutes 11.04.17
April 11, 2017 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at Hoylake Parade Community Centre on 11.04.17 at 6.30pm.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MH); Julian Priest (JP); Richard Stowe (RS); Stewart Lowther (SL); Alex Woods (AW).

Members not in attendance

Peter Edwards (PE) (Chair); Chris Moore (CM) (Secretary); Megan Parkes (MP)

Invited guests not in attendance: Rosie Saville (RSa); Christina Wojtak (CW); George Roberts (GR)

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and seconded.


  1. MH presented a detailed introduction to the new website in preparation for its public launch.  The group looked at the proposed themes for the next plan; access issues as well as debating and responding to how the themes should be further developed and portrayed within the website. The site includes a forum to keep the conversation trail in one place for Management Group access only.

    1. All Management Group members to familiarise themselves with the website and its content and to make suggestions for changes at the earliest opportunity pre-launch
  2. In his absence CM had confirmed that the post referendum constitution had been drafted following proposals made at the last meeting. He explained the next stages for its adoption. Action:
    1. CM to finalise the draft and circulate for final approval.
  3. AW gave an update on gathering data regarding Care Provision. Evidence suggests Hoylake already has more than sufficient provision for its existing population in many areas of care, including Alzheimers, Dementia and Parkinsons among other age related diseases, and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Actions:
    1. MH and AW to liaise over creation and distribution of a hard copy and online survey.
  4. GR was unable to attend and therefore the session on Younger people engagement was postponed until the next meeting but he would be invited to present on this issue.
  5. RS gave an update on the response from Wirral Council on the issues of Community Infrastructure Levy / Section 106 Funding, following his enquiry aimed at finding out how developers might contribute to local infrastructure, community facilities and needs, and how the community might access and influence use of those funds. As WMBC still have not calculated a Levy they cannot implement a CIL at this stage. CIL could be replaced with a hybrid system of a broad and low level Local Infrastructure Tariff (LIT) and section 106 agreements for larger developments. It was also noted that Combined Authorities may set up additional Mayor-type Strategic Infrastructure Tariff (SIT). The Neighbourhood Forum element of CIL should give HV the freedom to set priorities for what the money should be spent on locally. HV should make a representation to DCLG. Action:
    1. RS to draft representation to DCLG
  6. JP reported on how and whether the Management Group should be responding to developers pre-submission planning applications. A conversation was had about the Presbyterian Church in Alderley Road by way of example, where the forum were contacted by the Developers and given an opportunity to comment on pre-application plans. There were mixed views around the table about the best way to handle such approaches. The consensus was that we should respond to such approaches and consider the proposed plans in the context of the NDP and respond accordingly. We should not do more than that; for example by suggesting changes that might bring plans into line with the NDP if they do not appear to do so at that stage. It was pointed out that the constitution gives the Management Group authority to comment/consult on behalf of the wider forum. Nevertheless there remains a sensitive and difficult question around publicising and sharing publicly any pre-application plans that come to the attention of the Management Group. The forum should certainly publish any response to pre-application submissions, but there are issues around publishing plans and illustrations not intended for public view. Further clarity is needed but the nature of schemes where the forum should be consulted should be clearly understood by the next public meeting. Action:
    1. All to consider how best to move forwards with this and discuss at next meeting.
  7. It was agreed there should be a full forum meeting on 10th May from 7pm. Action:
    1. RS to organise and publicise. To include:
      1. Presentation of constitution
      2. Young people engagement
      3. Present the notion we will be having other meetings shortly
      4. Invite forum members to come along to the Management Group Meeting if they are willing to get involved in a particular issue they want to develop


  1. The constitution would need to be checked about the election of Alex, needs to ratified.
  2. Rod Tann had emailed about the banners on Kings Gap Roundabout. Wirral Society seems to consider HV as having the powers of a Local Parish Council in enforcing planning policy; this clear misunderstanding needs to be made clear to them; CM to action.


No announcements were made

Approved by the Secretary in absence and on behalf of the Chair on 15.04.17