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Management Group Meeting minutes 14.01.20

Management Group Meeting minutes 14.01.20
January 20, 2020 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at Monte Carlo Restaurant, Hoylake on 14.01.20.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MH) (Chair), Nigel Blacow (NB), Jon Morgan (JM), Julian Priest (JP), Andrew Lawton (AL)

Members not in attendance

Vicky Ponsonby (VP), Alex Woods (AW) on six-month leave

Approval of minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Management Group Meeting Reports

  1. Update on Locality funding, PLACED consultancy MH confirmed we had been successful in both the Locality funding application as well as the AECOM Technical support package. We need a venue for a consultation event in March.
    1. In this regard MH had been in contact with the owner and agent of the ROW and Co-op building about using that space but also about the higher-level concepts around longer-term Town Centre Masterplan proposals in the NDP. He had expressed an interest in talking further about any public and private partnership opportunities that may come forward in this regard. It was not thought possible to use space in the ROW for a consultation event. It was suggested the Ship Inn might be a suitable venue.
  2. Update on ACVs NB reported on the conversations with Jo Burrell and ACVs were progressing well. It had been suggested by a member of the public that the Old Town Hall might be added to the ACV list. The consultation for this process had been finalised some months ago so this would need to be considered at a future date if the exercise were repeated. Further, the Town Hall /Beacon is currently a building site and not in use so would currently be ineligible. A future ACV exercise might identify the building as a suitable ACV however it was pointed out that site ownership was to be divided with the ‘back’ part of the site to be sold and under separate ownership, which could entail future complications with the CCF funding criteria as well as ACV eligbility.
  3. Update on Vision bank account / need for new Treasurer and second signatory JM and AL had agreed to act jointly in this and were in the process of transferring the account signatories.
  4. Update on Leaflet drop and new members NB reported on unsatisfactory conversations with the distribution company as reports were being receieved that many people had not received their leaflets and booklets. He would follow up and try to get a more positive response.  They had agreed to distribute leaflets if we had them, MH agreed to find out.
  5. Review of Christmas Cracker event and survey The event had gone well, although VP (absent) had reported some attendees had negative comments. This would be discussed at a future meeting. Over 40 surveys had been completed.
  6. Update on planning apps (Stanley Road esp) JP reported on the following applications:
    1. 37 Stanley Road – Demolition and Rebuild – Ref APP/19/01602 This had been refused by WMBC. It did not align with the NDP and we had made a representation objecting. We would continue to monitor this as it was highly likely an amended application would come forward in due course. Concerns about setting a new precedent for density and unlocking potential for future development in other parts of Stanley Road were raised.
    2. 116-118 MARKET STREET, HOYLAKE, CH47 3BE –  Ref COMX/19/01829 It was likely this change of use will align with the NDP and we would make a representation supporting.
    3. 69 MARKET STREET, HOYLAKE, CH47 2BH – Ref APP/19/01390 The change of use of the Hilbre Care Shop [between Kebab Shop and Wink Hair] to a Micro bakery had been approved and was welcomed.
    4. 75 MARKET STREET, HOYLAKE, CH47 2BH – formerly Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant now Olive Branch Gin Bar Concerns were raised about the evident change of use from a restaurant to a bar, plus no application for advertising consent had been made to change the fascia signage.
    5. 87A MARKET STREET, HOYLAKE, CH47 5AA – APP/19/01656 Application for construction of 2 flats on 2 levels over existing ground floor building, behind Wellington Young Insurance on the corner of Trinity Road, had been approved. It was not a great looking scheme but it  should offer affordable housing and broadly aligned with the NDP. No need for a representation.
    6. 37A MARKET STREET, HOYLAKE, CH47 2BG – APP/19/01772 Subdivision of first and second floor maisonette to form two 1-bedroomed self-contained flats. This should offer more smaller scale affordable housing in the town centre and broadly align with the NDP. No need for a representation.
  7. Management group membership Michael Coates was standing down as a management group member, but had offered to help in future in any way he could. He was thanked for his considerable input over the last couple of years.
  8. AOB There was no AOB



Date of next meeting 18 February 2020