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Management Group Meeting Minutes 10.04.18

Management Group Meeting Minutes 10.04.18
April 15, 2018 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at The Old Town Hall, Hoylake on 10.04.18.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MH) (Chair); Julian Priest (JP); Richard Stowe (RS); Stewart Lowther (SL); Michael Coates (MC); Nigel Blacow (NB); Chris Moore (CM); Alex Woods (AW)

Members not in attendance

Members not in attendance:

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and seconded.


  1. AGM organising (8th May) and agenda
    1. Welcome from the outgoing Secretary Chris Moore (5 mins)
      • Housekeeping, thanks to Peter Edwards, introduction to new Chair, farewell
    2. Review of the last year and priorities for 2018-2019 from the new Chair Mark Howard (8 mins):
      • Thanks to outgoing Secretary Chris Moore
      • Review of the year
      • Management Group role identification
      • Forum engagement, developing membership and increasing diversity
      • Identifying and Mapping Assets of Community Value
      • Focusing the key themes for new NDP
      • Appeal for new Management Group members:
        • Secretary
        • Community Assets identification
        • Environmental ‘Officer’
        • Questions from the floor (10 mins)
    3. Planning protocol checklist Richard Stowe (5 mins)
    4. Surveys, importance of evidence base and consultation update Alex Woods (5 mins)
    5. Broadening Engagement Michael Coates (5 mins)
    6. Update on Planning Applications Julian Priest (5 mins)
    7. Membership update Nigel Blacow (5 mins)
    8. Open floor (35 mins)
  2. GDPR and Data Protection update NB reported on current GDPR requirements. It was thought best to ‘start afresh’ and seek new consents from members. A newsletter would be prepared by NB and MH. This would likely result in a dramatic decrease in membership but was deemed the best approach.
  3. Surveys AW reported it was difficult getting responses to the surveys on elderly care provision. Further thoughts and ideas were needed.
  4. Beach conversation MC reported he knew of many people who were dissatisfied with current beach management and the missed opportunities on the promenade and beach. He wanted to push this issue forward. The position of the forum is neutral, supporting the beach management agreement, but with a regular review. This would be coming up next in 2020, so it would be wise to start a low level conversation about the issues and gain some feedback on public opinion now.
  5. Rights of Way RS reported interest in securing more information about rights of way across the proposed Golf Resort site. He would do some research and report back.
  6. Protocol checklist RS raised concerns about protocols for planning applications following his experience of his own private objection to the proposed Alderley Road Presbyterian Church application. The group were reminded that the NDP is the governing document against which planning applications should be measured and that personal opinions of forum members or management group members carry no weight in forum responses to applications. However RS’s private concerns about procedure were deemed to be legitimate forum business and he should therefore pursue those on behalf of the forum while being careful to avoid any perceived conflict of interest.
  7. Planning updates JP reported on planning applications
  8. Secretary duties succession plan CM requested that someone should consider taking over his company secretary duties. He was happy to continue for the meantime but was ken to see some efforts being made in this regard.
  9. Financial update and Treasurer roles CM/MC gave an update on finances and MC agreed to take over the rolw of Treasurer.
  10. Mapping Assets of Community Value MH reported in detail about the benefits of this and the group agreed we should pursue it as a project if the forum warms to it at the AGM.
  11. New Management group member proposals MH was keen to emphasise the importance of having more women on the management group to regain some balance.


No other matters were discussed.


No announcements were made