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Management Group and public meeting minutes 09.07.19

Management Group and public meeting minutes 09.07.19
July 10, 2019 admin

Call to order

A meeting of the Management Group of Hoylake Vision Community Planning Forum was held at The Ship Pubic House, Hoylake on 09.07.19, followed by an open public meeting.


Attendees: Mark Howard (MH)(Chair), Nigel Blacow (NB), Jon Morgan (JM), Alex Woods (AW); Michael Coates (MC); Julian Priest (JP)

Members not in attendance

All members were in attendance

Approval of minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Management Group Meeting Reports

  1. Final confirmation of key consultation areas for PLACED brief and budget to be applied for.
    It was decided to apply for funding to cover as many areas as possible, with a primary focus on Town Square, Carr Lane and the Beach, which would include on the ground consultation sessions on each of the three areas as well as public meetings.
  2. Update on electric charging points and supporting the council’s funding application
    NB reported that he had a response from Colin Irlam at WMBC to the consultation at the end of 2018. There were approx. 530 respondents. 25 residents were eligible to be included in an On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS) pilot bid. WMBC are undertaking an audit of the locations to assess suitability for EV chargepoints utilising street lighting columns before submitting the bid to OLEV towards the end of July. NB and JP to monitor progress with Colin Irlam.
  3. Update on golf resort
    The withdrawal of the council’s £26 million prudential lending scheme to Nicklaus Joint Venture Group (NJVG) had been noted. It was understood that NJVG would be pursuing alternative funding sources. It was reported that HVL would keep a channel of communication open with NJVG following an earlier meeting in June. Since NJVG have an exclusivity deal with WMBC for delivery of the project HVL would continue to lobby NJVG and WMBC for the alternative Wildfowl and Wetland Centre proposals to be incorporated in any future scheme that comes forward, in line with the recommendations in the HVL document.
  4. PHD research placement feedback from Liverpool Uni for Beach and Promenade study work AW had not received a response to date following her enquiry with the University for a progress update, and would pursue in due course.
  5. Hoylake beach update MH to arrange a meeting with Alan Jemmett of MEAS to discuss how Hoylake Vision might be able to support the development of a public forum to explore the issues in a more fact-based way, but also to explore the potential for extending the NDP boundary to include some of the beach to help facilitate some limited, appropriately scaled development such as a café and/or visitor centre. MH reported that HVL were to soon publish their ‘Sustainable Vision for Hoylake Beach’ conversation starter document as part of an awareness raising campaign.
  6. Update on Co-op relocation / Blue Anchor development
    JM reported that the only information on this was anecdotal, including that the Co-op are the intended occupants, but that delays may be a result of problems identified during surveying issues. The reports that the existing unit might be used as a distribution centre was questioned by JP and MH on the basis of a range of planning, safety, access, amenity and other logistical reasons. JM to monitor and report back.
  7. Update on Assets of Community Value mapping exercise
    NB presented a ‘work in progress’ list of Assets of Community value to be presented for public consultation and subsequent submission to WMBC. This would be more refined by the next meeting, when a definitive list would be agreed. It would then be published on social media for consultation.
  8. Active targeting for recruiting more female management group members
    MH reported that this continues to be a pressing issue. He will be  proactive in the coming months in pursuing this.


  • There was no AOB

Record of public meeting

  • The Management Group concluded their meeting at 8pm and welcomed a number of members of the public to an open conversations about their concerns, suggestions and ideas. MH gave an abbreviated summary of the meeting just held. The following questions and additional points were raised
    • EV charge points: do these include use for scooters/wheelchairs?
    • Disability and access: Have we got a person focused on disability? (not at present) U3A have formed a group focused on the beach. Access on the prom difficult due to rough concrete surfaces.
    • Triangle of land adjacent to Old Lifeboat Station: Barbara Singleton has done a lot of preparatory work and had been talking to Liverpool Artist Faith Bebington about a temporary sculpture on this piece of land. This would requires a planning application and public consultation. Whilst the land is owned by WMBC, there is a covenant on the land held by PEEL holdings, which dates from the Hoylake and West Kirby Improvements Act of 1897, and requires any use of the land to be “for the betterment of the community”. Could be tied to the other triangle of land outside The Parade. Forum member Andy Snell offered to facilitate contact with Richard Maudsley of Peel Holdings.
    • Facilities: Could there be a childrens playground? The kiosk in the Parade Gardens is not promoted enough? Could there be straw pole activity on the beach? It was noted there is some anti-social behaviour occurring at the bottom of Government Road. There is the possibility of revisiting the idea of a cafe on the promenade; it was considered that this would not attract anti-social behaviour. There is nothing to stop a building on the old ‘Pebbles’ site even though the toilet block has been demolished. Hoylake Sailing Club could be better utilised?
    • ACVs: A request was made to explain the ACV list and what it means. An exhibition Space would be a good addition to the locality. It was suggested the Church of Christ the Scientist should be added to the ACV List.
    • Empty Shops: at the moment the ground floor of a shop unit could not be converted into residential without a change of use application; this would be difficult and perhaps unhelpful under current circumstances; near impossible to reverse such a decision.
    • Blight on Market St: half finished redevelopments; Punch Bowl, Presbyterian Church, Blue Anchor / CO-OP shows no progress. First floor above Max Speilmann looks awful with boarded up window. Owners of shops/buildings should have a responsibility to keep the fabric in good condition. HVL have produced a Shopfront Design Guide, but this cannot be enforced, the examiner considered there had been insufficient consultation to include it within the NDP, but could be further developed. The outcome of a Hoylake Vision meeting at Hope Church was general agreement that cumulative solid shopfront shutters have a negative impact. Brick pattern (‘brickbond’) open shutters/grilles or shutters inside windows are a more pleasing solution. WMBC should enforce the policy they already have regards solid shopfront shutters (SH8), which states these are not permitted unless painted. Offer building/shop owners the chance of artwork for hoarding/shutters. HV could write to building owners, then a chance for Wirral Chamber of Commerce to get support. Shopfront design guide would not be welcome and difficult to enforce as a statutory document (and potentially restrictive to economic development) but would be welcomed as a guideline for new businesses and businesses upgrading their shopfronts.
    • Beach: run off from the roads/gulleys making the beach close to the promenade look a lot worse. Dog ban… should dogs be on leads in winter due to waders? Grass issue is more complex than people realise, more issues than simply vegetation. Beach Meeting 19/7/19: Encourage photos of the condition of the beach on Facebook. Last height data accessed so far is 1999 by WMBC – we don’t currently know if beach height is still being monitored, but it is clearly rising dramatically.
    • Golf Resort: Demonstration outside Wallasey Town Hall next Monday 15 July. HV can only influence outcome once the planning application for the Golf Resort is submitted.



Date of next meeting 13 August 2019