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Improving Hoylake’s open spaces: analysis

Improving Hoylake’s open spaces: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • A huge number of people expressed concern about grass growing on the beach, mostly because they felt it would create ‘another Parkgate’.  A sandy beach is preferred, with the grass removed, but some people would like to understand the issues better.
  • Another major concern was the lack of adequate facilities and activities for young people.  Improvements are needed to the basketball, football pitches and tennis courts on the promenade as well as new facilities provided.
  • There was divided opinion about a skatepark  – many people want a skatepark for younger people, but others express concerns about attracting trouble and safety issues.
  • Many people wanted more play areas for smaller children and also recreation areas for bigger children.  Also existing parks and play areas need further improvements (especially Queens Park), and continuous maintenance programmes for playground equipment.
  • Many people felt that the promenade is ‘sterile’, with nothing to attract people. There were many suggestions for somewhere to eat, have an ice cream and shelter from the wind.  The promenade also requires maintenance, including road and pavement surfaces, lighting, pavements, shelters, railings.
  • There were several ideas to add to the appeal of the promenade including beach huts/wheeled bathing hut(s), exercise machines, cycle paths (traffic free routes for all cyclists).
  • The Incredible Edible Hoylake scheme is popular, and more people were urged to take part, and apart from the little growing beds, people want to see larger things like fruit trees that are publicly accessible.
  • Something for everyone is vital.  The process needs to be inclusive, no one should claim ownership of any open space.  Dog walkers, kids, hoodies, elderly, picnics, skateboarders, office workers, residents.  All should find their place in our open spaces.

The last comment above sums up a very positive approach.  There was strong feeling in this section about the beach and promenade, and they are areas which clearly need more consideration with informed views.  People feel strongly about this part of Hoylake, and conversations need to be held amongst the local community to understand the implications of beach management, and how the promenade is used.  Many of the comments also referred to meeting the needs of children and young people.


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