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Hoylake Presbyterian Church, Alderley Road – Planning Approved

Hoylake Presbyterian Church, Alderley Road – Planning Approved
December 24, 2017 admin

At the meeting of the Planning Comittee on Thursday 14th December planning application reference NoAPP/17/00183 to partially demolish and extend the Presbyterian Church in Alderley Road to create 18 apartments was approved by a close vote of 7 for and 6 against.

The full details of the minutes for this agenda item can be seen here

A PDF of the supporting documents can be viewed here

At the time of writing we understand that a direct neighbour and petitioner expects to challenge the decision.

Once a planning decision has been made only the applicant can appeal against that decision. This usually happens when an application is refused and the applicant then refutes the decision and the case is heard and decided by a Planning Inspector.

There is no third party right of appeal for other people who disagree with a local council’s planning decision.

That said, anyone can challenge a planning decision in the courts, however, if they have evidence that the planning decision was not made following the proper procedures. Legal challenges cannot take into account whether the decision was right or not in planning terms, only whether regulations and conventions about making decisions were properly followed. Challenging a planning decision in the courts is a difficult and costly process, and should not be undertaken without specialist legal advice.