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Getting around Hoylake: analysis

Getting around Hoylake: analysis
November 7, 2012 admin
  • Many people felt that more car parking is needed on the high street, and better use needs to be made of existing car parks e.g. through signage.
  • Many people also suggested that better cycle provision is needed – including cycle lanes, cycle storage, lock-ups, cycle repair services, cycle hire on the prom, stop-off places.
  • There was a consensus there are enough pedestrian crossings.
  • However a solution is clearly desired to improve access to Carr Lane Industrial Estate, whether it be through a bridge, management of train times or an alternative road.
  • A major issue was around the lack of evening and late night public transport services, with later bus and train services required, a night bus service, and more taxis after midnight.  This would help disperse people leaving Hoylake in the evenings and night times.
  • In general daytime train services were considered to be good, but bus services needed considerable improvement with more frequent services and more even timetables.
  • Some people felt that speed restrictions of 20 mph are essential along Market Street, to improve the experience of shopping, and safety for children attending schools, and also in residential areas.
  • Most people did not want any more signs due to clutter, though some feel that better guidance is needed to key features in Hoylake.

Some key themes emerged from the responses, most notably the access issue to and from Carr Lane Industrial Estate, the need to address car parking, and improving evening public transport provision.  Options need to be explored further, and by tackling these issues, other related issues may be easier to solve.  For example by improving public transport provision out of Hoylake during the evening and night times, there may be less people hanging around after leaving bars and therefore less potential for disturbance to residents.



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