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March 28, 2018 at 10:27 am #3899

Having recently joined the Forum, I’m playing catch up on all things planning! I have looked at some Planning reports and agree they could be improved. Richard has made an excellent start above. My wife is a ‘Lean’ practitioner and goes on about keeping everything streamlined. Personally I like the ‘mini skirt’ approach, that is ‘as short as possible but covering the essentials’! This also encourages people with a short attention span (like me!) to consider all the points.

So, I had a bit of spare time and have tried to condense the Checklist to its bare essentials, this can of course be expanded if necessary. Its entirely possible that I have misunderstood or misinterpreted the original and would welcome further input.

Planning Checklist – Hoylake NDP area

1. Are the titles and number of signatories of any petitions, together with summaries of any representations included?
2. Are the full detailed comments/supplementary notes of any consulted bodies (objections or support) included? Via appendix, if necessary.
3. Are the sources of any Feasibility/Viability reports identified?
4. Are all relevant sub-sections to specific Policies included?
5. Are paragraphs and sections of the narrative parts of the report numbered, for the purpose of easier reference?
6. Does the report contain separate sections considering Equality, Environmental and Heritage implications?
7. Does the report confirm if Section 106 funding is applicable?