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March 8, 2018 at 9:19 pm #3874

Well, if Gerry Ellis had not simply had a quiet word in selected ears and then fobbed us off we might have had an opportunity to have this conversation with the developer when they approached him a few months ago.

That he dismissed any idea of a dialogue with us out of hand, on the basis of his mandate to represent the community, was apalling and still warrants a much more robust approach from us. If we do agree to work on this issue I would like us to start right there.

I think we do need to be clear about what it is we would be proposing as a preferred outcome?

Would a Town Square as in the NDP Masterplan Area be something they would entertain?

Would the Council end up needing to consider a CPO if such a thing was possible and beneficial, but the Co-op refused to engage?

I think what we should try to convey is a desire to avoid a situation where the building is empty for an extended period, which it seems is highly likely?

Whatever it is, it would be helpful for us to know what the Co-ops plans for the site are.

We have the opportunity; we are stewards of the NDP, we have been elected to do that justice, so I think we should pursue it…

Alternatively, do the forum feel this is this an HVL project in a similar vein to Wetland Centre and Beacon?

I’d like to think Vision could be more bullish this time.

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