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June 23, 2017 at 6:42 pm #3420

Hi Alex, well done for getting it done. Best way to put on the forum is:

Top left of the window in the black bar go to Hoylake Vision > Dashboard.

Then go to ‘Media’ and click ‘Add New’ at the top. Select your file and upload it.

Then once it is uploaded to the media library you can select the image and to the right copy the URL which will be something like i.e. ending in uploads/year/month/filename.pdf

The come back to the forum, create your new message, and use the ‘link’ button above. Paste in the URL and type the text you want eg ‘CLICK HERE’. Save and then you have created a link to the file.

If that’s no good then yes feel free to circulate by email and I will do it for you at this end.