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June 17, 2017 at 6:59 pm #3411

Application Summary
Address: Lifeboat House, NORTH PARADE, HOYLAKE, CH47 2AL
Proposal: Proposed Change of Use of the upper part of the Old Lifeboat Station from D1 to Residential, including raising the roof, balcony and extensions, change of use of part of the Ground Floor level to an Outdoor Activity Centre with associated works.
Case Officer: Miss A McDougall
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Customer Details
Name: Mr Julian Priest
Address: 7 Chapel Road Hoylake Wirral

Comments Details
Commenter Type: Other
Stance: Customer made comments neither objecting to or supporting the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:
Comments: I write on behalf of Hoylake Community Planning Forum to confirm our consultation response to the Planning Application Ref No APP/17/00457

In considering the information submitted to date and having reviewed the proposals against HNP Policy NC1 we make the following comments:

Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan Policy NC1. PROTECTION OF NATURA 2000 SITES
The foreshore of Hoylake is a protected site designated under RAMSAR, as a Site of Special Scientific Interest [SSSI] and a Special Protection Area [SPA].
The proposed Outdoor Activity Centre is expected to provide facilities for customers to undertake outdoor activities on the beach, including kite buggying and sand yachting. Any potential operator should be made aware that use of the foreshore at Hoylake will require a beach license from Wirral Council with this also including necessary consultation with Natural England. Therefore it may be pertinent to add this as a planning condition for the change of use of part of the ground floor level to an Outdoor Activity Centre.