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June 13, 2017 at 1:37 pm #3404

Subject: Comments for Planning Application ADV/17/00559
Date: 2017-06-12 13:40

Mr Julian Priest,

You have been sent this email because you or somebody else has submitted a comment on a Planning Application to your local authority using your email address. A summary of your comments is provided below.

Comments were submitted at 1:40 PM on 12 Jun 2017 from Mr Julian Priest.

Application Summary
Address: Lifeboat House, NORTH PARADE, HOYLAKE, CH47 2AL
Proposal: Illuminated signage to two sides of the building
Case Officer: Miss A McDougall
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Customer Details
Name: Mr Julian Priest
Address: 7 Chapel Road, Hoylake Hoylake Wirral

Comments Details
Commenter Type: Other
Stance: Customer made comments neither objecting to or supporting the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:
Comments: This is a consultation response on behalf of Hoylake Neighbourhood Planning Forum.
Considering that this application is for the installation of illuminated signage on a building of historic significance and within a conservation area the Applicant/Agent should be required to provide the following further information for this to proposal to be properly evaluated prior to any approval
1/. materials proposed for the sign
2/. type of illumination proposed for the sign
3/. lux levels of illumination proposed for the sign