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May 10, 2017 at 12:05 am #3312

While the Tennis Court site is identified within our HS Masterplan area with an intention for it to be used for a wider town centre scheme the approved outline planning scheme [OUT/14/00930] for 14No dwellings kinda scuppered that and has opened the door to Steve Roberts looking to make more profit from building an alternative less affordable, more profitable scheme with less but larger dwellings

I agree we should talk to him, we should not be shy of discussions with property developers. But based on what level of prior public consultation?

What bigger and better opportunities that accord with public wishes are you talking about? How many locals even know of the Town Square idea?

AND in any case the key to unlocking any wish for a ‘Town Square’ are the COOP who own the majority [if not all] of the land required to create it

We cannot expect the developer of a neighbouring infill site to respond to a Masterplan that does not yet exist in the mind of the owner of adjacent land

Had to laugh when I saw GoogleStreetView screengrabs within the Design Statement of the St Lukes Tennis Courts Planning Applic
What is the betting that Martin Flecther of mf architecture [Aigburth] has never even visited the site ??

Meanwhile Jackie Hall was chewing my ear last night about the unadopted/unmade road between the end of Charles Rd and Melrose Ave… and how she felt the developer should be paying for it to be to adoptable standards as she is adamant that they now own it, as the church did previously . . . and it was sold along with the Tennis Court Plot.
So I’ve asked her for a copy of the titleplan she suggested that she had that proves this