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May 9, 2017 at 11:11 pm #3311

Of course it is about bottom line and maximising profit; they are developers and that is their raison d’etre.

I keep saying until we get the local landlords and property owners talking to us and sharing our vision we will be firefighting.

But, as the Beacon will show, there is a better way.

The Tennis Court site is identified within our HS Masterplan area. It should be used for a wider town centre scheme.

We need to object on the basis that this does not accord with NDP objectives and priorities.

We should also try, politically, to heap on the pressure on this point.

Ad-hoc infills are bad for Hoylake and generally.

But as I said above can also speak directly to Steve Roberts, dare I say it!!!!

We have personal contacts. We can sit down with him.

He would stand to benefit more from getting engaged with us and talking about bigger and better opportunities on the site that we can identify that accord with public wishes. This should absolutely be an objective for Vision.

It’s not difficult.

But if we continue to consider talking to developers as some kind of taboo we will never achieve what we want to because money will always win in the absence of conversation.

Alderley Road, this, the Old Lifeboat Station, the Old Town Hall… these are all critical development opportunities and we have a chance to make a difference in all of them. There will be more.

Let’s pull our heads from out of the sand and start talking directly to the developers.

That’s the answer, surely.