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What aspects of provision for younger adults need attention or better focus in the NDP?


The current NDP makes reference to the statistic that Hoylake has a higher than national average number of teenagers, and this is demonstrated in a trend between the 2001 and 2011 censuses. This trend also demonstrates an increase in the number of younger adults, aged 20-29.1)

Retaining a younger population is important for the health of a town’s economy and social cohesion. In reality, most school leavers either need to leave their home town to seek employment or affordable housing, or in pursuit of further education.

This leaves smaller towns like Hoylake at risk of under-provision for younger adults who remain. At the same time it risks reducing its attractiveness as a place to come and live for those from outside the town.

A strategic approach to this dilemma requires access to jobs and affordable housing when young people leave school or return from time away or on further education.

Younger adults of working age bring energy, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to a town that can transform the social and economic landscape by increasing footfall for businesses and by attracting a wider range of improved opportunities for those of all ages.

The NDP can help make all of these important aspects of life in Hoylake for younger adults easier to achieve and enjoy.

What about the night time economy (NTE)? Does the demise of a NTE in Hoylake mean younger adults are less likely to stay or choose Hoylake as a place to settle?

And for those who choose not to go on to further education or who wish to remain in Hoylake, what employment opportunities are there, and how can the NDP support provision of new opportunities?

Perhaps by supporting development in Carr Lane? Or supporting a new leisure and arts ‘hub’ development at the Old Town Hall in Hoylake which would provide a range of employment, self employment and leisure opportunities?


In order to identify which objectives, priorities and policies relating to provision for younger adults need to be built into the next iteration of the NDP in 2020 we will need to:

  1. Consult with younger adults in order to better understand the needs and priorities of these groups.
  2. Consult with professionals in the areas of leisure provision, job creation, small business support, affordable housing and transport, night time economy, social demographics and regeneration.
  3. Ensure that, where appropriate, new planning proposals and applications demonstrate consideration of the needs of younger adults.
  4. Engage with key stakeholder landlords to explore opportunities.


This information helps us to assess whether the range of responses we receive are reflective of the wider demographic make up of Hoylake.
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